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5 sports the Olympic Games NEEDS to include

The 2016 Olympic Games have certainly started with a bang. From swim team arrest dramas to broken bones and podium proposals, there’s been plenty of excitement and scandal over the past few weeks.

But for fans of extreme sports – and people with no interest in sports at all – there’s still plenty of room for more melodrama and heroic acts of athleticism.

That’s why we’re calling for the inclusion of more exotic and extreme sports in the 2020 Olympics, and making the case for four of the best offerings from around the world.

Extreme Ironing

Adrenaline seekers have transformed a boring household chore into a bizarre and hugely entertaining pastime. Extreme ironing is pretty much how it sounds – ironing out the creases in your favourite shirt in a location far more thrilling than the average utility room. From halfway up mountains to under the sea, extreme ironers get pretty into it.

And viewers would too, we think. Imagine a race to become the first person to iron at the top of Mount Everest? There’s history to be made here.

Competitive Pilates

Pilates is one of the fitness trends of the moment. There are plenty of classes at community halls, with Pilates instructor courses and how-to videos also available online. But what could possibly make Pilates even more exciting, you might ask?

Turning it into a competition, of course, with penalties for sloppy toe pointing and a bonus round of meditative breathing. Since Pilates classes are loved by pensioners and youngsters alike, competitors would bring some age diversity to the Olympics.

Bog snorkelling

Wales is the epicentre for bog snorkelling, but it’s a sport we could imagine taking off anywhere in the world – mostly because it requires minimal skill and you get to wear fancy dress.

It involves snorkelling through a bog – it’s that simple. It’d be the perfect filler event, scheduled between the raw athleticism of the 200m sprint and the aggressive power of the boxing heats for optimum impact. A bemusing but ultra-competitive way to slow the pace and get a little closer to nature in all its muddy splendour.

Toe Wrestling

This is a pretty intimate sport, but since there’s already a toe wrestling championship up and running in England, people are clearly willing to forgo the risk of athlete’s foot in pursuit of glory.

The two opponents lock feet and attempt to pin each other’s feet down. It’s a simple concept that allows for a gentler approach to physical dominance, and some riveting Olympic coverage in the process.

Has your favourite alternative sporting event from around the world been excluded from our list? You can always leave a comment to tell us what we’re missing out on.

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