5 Ways to Have the Best Super Bowl Party Ever

5 Ways to Have the Best Super Bowl Party Ever

5 Ways to Have the Best Super Bowl Party Ever

You’ve still got a few months before the next Super Bowl so now is the time to prepare to host a world class Super Bowl party. Fans of the NFL have the opportunity to watch the Super Bowl at bars, at home, or more preferably, at a party hosted by friends or relatives. Get your NFL jerseys early as the two teams scheduled to play are going to have their merchandise flying off the shelves. These are the steps you should take if you want to have your neighbors, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and everyone else you know come to your house for the Super Bowl this year.


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1. Get a Big Television Set

You’re going to need an extra large sized TV if everyone is going to enjoy the Super Bowl at your house. A projector screen can also be used to broadcast the Super Bowl in your home provided that you are able to ensure that the picture is extra clear. Set up the speakers and subwoofers so that you can hear the referees as well as the halftime show from far away.

2. Rep Your Favorite Team

What’s a Super Bowl party if everyone isn’t wearing their favorite sports jerseys? You can use streamers to decorate your house in the team colors of the teams that are playing on Super Bowl Sunday if you like for things to look very festive. Consider also buying Super Bowl themed disposable cups and plates so that all of your guests get in the mood for an action-packed night.

3. Choose Your Party Foods Carefully

Ordering pizza and wings is pretty much the standard for the average Super Bowl party, but remember – you’re throwing the best football themed party ever. Whip up some finger foods that are filling to go along with predictable menus items like pizza and beer. Dips, chips, meatballs, and other finger foods can be exciting if you’re willing to prepare daring recipes that will leave everyone in attendance craving another bite.

4. Ensure There is Lots of Parking

If you happen to live in a private house where there is lots of land for your guests to park on you can just meet your guests outside and tell them where to park. For apartment dwellers as well as hosts who have fewer parking options, check out the situation ahead of time. You might want to ask neighbors if guests can use their extra parking spots so your visitors can easily get in and out.

5. Encourage Guests to Socialize

Although the main event is going to be where most of your guests spend all of their time, remember that the Super Bowl is going to be on for hours. Some people are going to need to take breaks and the game might even get delayed for a while. Have other rooms in your home set up to accommodate guests where they’ll have a place to talk without disturbing others who are hooked on the game.

The great thing about Super Bowl parties is that you only need to be a good host. All of the focus is going to be on the football game, so you’ll have time to get more snacks and greet visitors as they arrive without being run ragged. Put on your NFL jersey and watch your team fight to win the next Super Bowl trophy.