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6 Games That are Perfect for Adults in Their Mid 30s

It’s okay to kiss goodbye to your 20s when you know there’s a lot of things in store for you in your 30s. Let’s face it, you do not feel as energetic and youthful in your 30s as you were 10 years ago. You will want to enjoy, but limited reserves of time and energy won’t let you do so. You miss your football or basketball days when everything seemed so perfect and full of happiness.

Nevertheless, it’s not the end of the world but a new beginning you would love to embrace. Whether you are more of a gamer who likes to flex their skill by playing Card Games Spider Solitaire Masters Play Free, or you are more of a bar hopper here are 6 games you can enjoy despite your age.

1. Pool

Call it pool or snooker or billiards, you are ultimately going to enjoy the game, which usually goes down well with snacks and beer. The game keeps you on your toes while still keeping you at ease and in the comfort of indoors. A small chunk of your savings can fetch you immense pleasure and an opportunity to enjoy with friends and family, whenever you want.

2. Table Tennis

It’s a typical ‘no-sweat’ game which you can play for hours. If you are in your mid 30s and married, Table Tennis is the game for you to stay entertained during leisure hours. If you cannot have your friends over for the game, get your spouse to give you a bit of competition.

You can browse through the extensive range of Table Tennis tables for sale and place your order online to get free Australia-wide shipping. Endless fun guaranteed!

3. Foosball

If you aren’t a great fan of playing football on the field, you can play it indoors without breaking the crockery. Foosball should keep you engaged until you find something more important to do. It’s easily available online for a nominal price and you can get it installed in your bedroom or hall for unlimited fun and excitement. Foosball can engage 2 to 4 players at a time. If it resonates with your taste, don’t hesitate to bring this wonderful game home.

4. Dartboard

When life throws lemon at you, make darts and throw them in the face of adversities. According to a study, darts can alleviate work-stress, frustration and other psychological issues adults in their 30s may face. Even if you haven’t played it before, a little practice should keep you going and getting better at it. If you have kids at home, it is advised to store darts away from their reach and avoid playing when your little ones are around.

5. Golf

Golf is a gentleman’s game, which is enjoyed by people of diverse age groups, from different walks of life. The game doesn’t require strength or endurance. All you need to be is a little patient with the golf club, lest you will end up ruining it. If you can easily afford a golf membership, there’s no point procrastinating the fun. Take the membership today!

6. Squash

Squash is more or less like playing tennis except for the fact that your opponent is positioned beside you. The players are supposed to alternate in striking the ball and whoever misses his/her chance, loses a point to the opponent. For individuals in their 30s, this game is perfect for staying fit and healthy.


Age is more than just a number and depends on how you take it. Sometimes, you are required to behave your age and choose physical activities accordingly, so you are left with enough energy reserves to handle social and work responsibilities. Playing any of the aforementioned games will keep you active and healthy. Start today!

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