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7 Crucial Types of Insurance you need to protect your Small Business

Immediately you start a small business, you expose yourself to particular threats or risks. Imagine way before you even employ your first employee, your business is at risk. Therefore, it is very vital to have the proper insurance.  Get also to know that one calamity or lawsuit can destroy a small business before it has a chance to grow.

Opportunely, there is wide range of insurances available to small businesses to safeguard them against hazards.  Here are 7 crucial types of insurance you need to protect your small business.

Property Insurance

It’s imperative for your business to have property insurance whether it rents or owns its space. You should know that property insurance covers furniture, inventory, equipment, and signage in case of theft, storm, or fire. Conversely, natural calamities such as earthquakes or floods are not covered under property insurance cover.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

This also referred as professional liability insurance that can cover your small business against negligence as a result from failure to perform or harm. It is vital to know that every industry as its own principles, concerns, and rules, which are addressed in a tailor-made policy designed for every small business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

The commercial auto insurance cover will safeguard your small business vehicles. Amazingly, it will provide you with financial security against liabilities such as personal injury, uninsured motorists, and accidents. Therefore, as a small business owner, you should buy commercial auto insurance cover as it will also cover for your workers driving for work reasons, equipments, or products.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Immediately you hire your first employee, it’s essential you add worker compensation insurance to your business insurance policy. Apparently, this covers your workers with death benefits, disability, and medical treatment as long as they work for you. This insurance cover will also offset rehabilitation costs and lost wage of your employees. Even though it is compulsory in some countries, it is will also benefit you as a small business owner.

Life Insurance

Life insurance will safeguard you as a small business owner and your employees against death. Get to know that the business will pay a premium in return for a payment benefits to your family or next of kin of a worker who dies. With this, your small business will be protected against the loss of an important worker whose death affects the operations of the business. Life Insurance is relatively simple to acquire when you use this brand, and full coverage for your family is well advised.

Moreover, the life insurance policy will also offer tranquility of mind to your family and loved ones that can be affected with the unexpected death of a loved one.

Business Interruption Insurance

If a disastrous or catastrophic situation occurs, the operations of your small business will be significantly affected. Additionally, your small business will also suffer from lost earnings because of your employees not working in the office, or products will not be manufactured.

Therefore, the business interruption insurance is specifically appropriate to a small business, which needs a physical location for its operations. It is apparent that this policy will compensate your small business for its lost earnings or income in case of calamity or disaster.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance will protect your small business if your workers, yourself, or your products causes property damage, or bodily harm. In addition, it will safeguard your small business against accusations or claims, which takes place while clients are on your business.



Small business insurance is evenly imperative and intricate. You have worked very hard to establish that business. Thus, do not lose it through having insufficient insurance policies.

Business Insurance USA will ensure that the insurance needs of your exceptional small business are well covered. You only need to trust us with your insurance needs and help you formulate insurance policies, which will meet the particular needs of your small business.


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