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8 Reasons to Play a Sport in College

Playing a sport in college may be one of the best decisions you will ever make because you will have some of the best years of your life. But making the decision whether you should continue playing your favorite sport in college can be tough.

Playing a sport in college is different from doing it in a high school. It requires a new level of discipline and commitment. You have to be self-motivated and be ready to sacrifice a lot.

Do you have trouble with making this big decision and need advice? Read this article written be experts of educational portal at and discover reasons why you should continue to play the sport you like so much.

Time Management

Being an athlete at your college or university, you have a lot of responsibilities.  You have to learn to balance your studies and extra-curricular activities. Everything in your life as a student-athlete is important – your classes, homework assignments and other projects, tests, and practice.

You have to manage your time wisely to be able to find enough time for all your activities. The most important thing you learn being a college athlete is that your time is valuable and you can’t afford to waste it.

Academic Motivation

Student-athletes that participate in college athletics programs are commonly required to have at least the minimum GPA to be allowed to take part in games and competitions. You wouldn’t want to miss competitions so you will do your best to ensure your GPA is above the minimum. Coaches typically check that their athletes have decent grades and often encourage team study tables.

Fitness and Well-being

Most college students who are focused only on their academic work find it hard to keep a healthy lifestyle and struggle with working out in the gym and gaining extra pounds. They have no idea how to find time for exercise and prefer to eat junk food which brings them the notorious “freshman 15”.

Student-athletes have workouts in their schedules. They also learn about healthy diet needed for their bodies. They develop healthy eating habits and have a good idea of what food they have to avoid to stay healthy and fit.


College is a time when young people easily make friends with lots of new people. But you will soon understand that your teammates are special for you because they are the most important people in your life. Your teammates are the first people you meet when you arrive at campus. You will spend a lot of time together during games and trials so eventually, you will become very close friends. You will understand each other easily and share the same or similar interests.

Relieves Stress

College is stressful for practically every student who feels overwhelmed with the workload and is seeking for something that can help him/her reduce their stress. Playing sports is a great way to have a break from studies and challenging homework projects. Physical activity helps you reduce your anxiety and stress because it makes you happier.


Universities often give financial support or scholarships to successful athletes through their college athletic programs. Not all college students who play sports do it for an opportunity to get a scholarship. But you are sure to be pleased to be rewarded with extra money for all the effort you made.

Gives You Energy

College students commonly feel tired, exhausted and are not inclined to do something. If you go in for sport, you are likely to have more energy than your friends who are non-athletes. Due to regular physical activity, your body gets more oxygen and more blood is pumped to your body systems. As a result, you will feel more active. You will be able to manage all your tasks and get everything done.

Dedication and Commitment

College athletes have valuable experience of developing responsibility. Playing sports requires dedication and commitments similar to that they require when you have a job. These qualities are important for success in any career you choose.

Playing a sport in college brings you a lot of benefits and you should take advantage of them. In this way, you will be able to learn plenty of new exciting things.

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