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There are still a couple of months to run till the end of the current Major League baseball season and there’s still everything to play for in both the American and National leagues. If you’re someone who enjoys the occasional flutter on a game of football or likes to place a bet or two on horse racing or another sporting event that offers attractive odds you may not have considered baseball. For those a little unfamiliar with the sport itself betting on baseball can be a little overwhelming especially if you’re not entirely sure what you should be looking for.


Baseball is perhaps surprisingly a reasonably easy game to bet on and actually pick up a profit. It has a steady popularity and inspired vast amounts of memorabilia, movies and even its own slot game at Royal Vegas Casinos.

Whilst online sportsbook services offer all sorts of betting action interestingly baseball however is one of the least wagered major sports around when compared to that of other sporting events. Typically this is due to the fact that baseball betting doesn’t use a characteristic point spread system, instead it utilises the money line system. Fundamentally the money line differs from the point spread because it deals with the winners whilst the latter revolves around both the winners and by how great the win actually is.

The money line is prominent in other sports betting action such as with tennis, boxing, soccer and even hockey. This is because these sports particularly often deal with smaller margins of victory where the point spread system would be deemed irrelevant. When dealing with the money line in baseball betting you will have two figures to work with, one which is the highest negative figure which will determine the favourite and the lowest negative or positive figure which represents the underdog. These figures are both based on a $100 bet and even for those who simply opt to bet consistently on the underdogs will likely win less frequently but can still pick up a profit over due course.

Professional betters will look for various patterns and influential factors that may impact the result of a game of baseball and so a certain amount of knowledge or useful tips along the way can help to improve your chances of winning. For example many consider factors such as the baseball pitchers selected to start have a certain amount of influence a teams chances of winning, in fact those starting pitchers are what helps create the money line which can be adjusted in the event of a pitching change before the game even starts.

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