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A List of Football Protective Gear That Every Player Needs

The game of football is a very entertaining sport, the antics, the tactics and the game structure makes it exciting that everyone love to watch. A very important aspect of the game are the players. The players are prone to serious injuries in the cause of the game and to curb injuries and improve functionality players are expected to be on full kit. In this article I have put together this important football protective equipment checklist that every player should have.

#1. Mouth Guard

The mouth guard is a an absolute must for every player. A lot of people think it’s enough to just have a face guard but that does not restrain the player from being hit in the face during tackles. The mouth guard protects the lips and gum. Getting a high quality mouth guard is recommended. Mouth guard protects you from fractured jaw, tongue injury, damaged tooth root and broken teeth. This piece must be worn at all times during the match.

#2. Eye shield and Visors

The eye shield is a very important gear for a footballer. Visors aren’t expensive and they protect the eyes from getting direct contact with debris from the field during training and on the game. They also protect eyes from intense sun glare. Not all visors are allowed to be used in the game so you need to ask your coach before getting one.

#3. The Helmet

Head injuries are very serious cases on the and that’s why it’s very essential that every player uses a good helmet to protect their head during contact sport. Some helmets come with air pads rather than the usual pads with foam. The air pads are filled in with air to absorb the impact during collision. The helmet may be connected to a face mask to protect the entire head even more.

#4. Shoulder Pads

The importance of a shoulder pad for every team player cannot be overemphasized. They protect your shoulders during training from collision. Shoulder pads must be worn at all times because shoulders are where most impact occurs.

#5. Football Gloves

While most players do not like to put on a pair of gloves to help prevent injuries while fighting off opposing player, however gloves are needed when playing. Gloves help create a firmer grip and improve the catch.

#6. Neck Roll

The neck roll is very vital because it helps to reduce the chance of neck injuries. The neck roll is a foam roll that hugs the back neckline of the player’s jersey. The neck roll’s function is to limit and restrain how far a players head can go backward so it doesn’t snap. This restriction helps to protect the neck from complete dislocation.

#7. Football Pads

The upper body part of the football player’s body is usually subjected to large impact during collision. While the head might be the most vital part of the body to protect from injuries, damaged body from collision can be very fatal. Things such as broken ribs and bones can happen. Football pads are made of strong plastics and they are padded underneath for comfort and to dampen collision as the players hit one another on the field. The hips and knee caps are also padded to dampen fall during hard tackles from the opponents.

#8. Shoes

Shoes are needed in almost every sport, except swimming of course. Football shoes and cleats are metal tipped or rubber tipped. The cleats help to protect the mid-sole of the foot and provide lateral motion. Cleats are available in three styles : high-cut, mid-cut and low-cut. In generals, shoes help traction and grip with the field surface as a player makes quick movement and dashes. The type of cleat you use depends on the condition of the field. For example a shorter cleat is more preferable in dry fields. Moreover, the position the player plays on the field also determines the type of cleat to be worn.

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