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A New Era for the Chicago Bulls

The 2016 NBA season is about to start and you can see the street balers hitting the hoop more ferociously trying to impersonate their favorite players where their uniforms. Playing in the NBA is a dream for any high school kid who can dribble the ball. Some of these kids along with millions of adults participate in the game as fans. At present fans are going crazy with the prospect of their team making it to the championship of this season. People are going crazy putting their money on either their favorite team or the ones they think will go big this season. If you are afraid that your knowledge of the game is not strong enough to challenge the betting odds log on to and create your own money winning chances.

The Chi-Town Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are a professional basketball team in the national basketball association. They are a member of the Eastern Conference Central Division. They were founded in 1966 and play their home court games at the United Centre. They are considered to be the legendary club of basketball as they won 6 championships in a row from 1991 to 1998. The chief orchestrator of these championships was the legendary Michael Jordan along with Scottie Pippen and Coach Phil Jackson. They were the first club in the history of NBA to win over 70 games in a season. They achieved this feat in the 1995-96 seasons.

Wade Returns Home

Citing old history of the feats achieved by the bulls may take terabytes of space. Let’s move on to the most sizzling news boiling around the United Centre. The news of Dwayne Wade signing u with the Bulls has not only created ripples in the NBA but also in the merchandize shops where fans are going crazy for the Bulls uniform with Wade embossed on the back. His jersey is one of the most selling items on the rack and topped the charts in the 2006-07 seasons. The return of Wade to Chicago bulls after he spent 13 seasons at the Miami heats where he won a number of championships and MVP awards. This return to his home town team is being termed as bigger than basketball after his cousin died in the unrest and shooting in the area.

Will he perform with the same excellence he did year after year at the Heats? Only time will answer this question when he jumps in the court with “Wade” written at the back and “Bulls” at the front.

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