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04 Jul 19

At the 1993 Winter Meetings, there were issues concerning the rehiring of pitching coach Rich Gale. Perhaps unfairly, Gorman was roundly (…)

03 Jul 19

Sept-Oct 1988 “We actually won the division title while the ballclub slept quietly..We awakened the next morning to find we were Eastern (…)

25 Apr 19

(July 1988) “The negative criticism began to affect (John) McNamara, and he gradually withdrew from the media..I was in (his) office at one (…)

23 Apr 19

Gorman’s front office experience began in 1962 as GM in Class D Lakeland and Kinston  and advanced to the Orioles’ front office in (…)

04 Apr 19

If he had lived, Lou Gorman would have been 90 years old this year.  He was born James Gerald Gorman in Providence, Rhode Island in 1929. (…)

18 May 17

On March 24, 2015, I posted a blog about a now long-forgotten Red Sox outfielder named Ryan Kalish. In 2010 spring training, he excited both (…)

20 Dec 16

Clay Buchholz’s tenure on the Red Sox has come to an end.  The Phillies made a deal with Boston to send minor league second baseman (…)

06 Dec 16

The Red Sox have beefed up their rotation with the additon of starting pitcher Chris Sale.  Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech, as well as minor (…)