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19 Dec 14

The Red Sox have traded third baseman Will Middlebrooks to the San Diego Padres for catcher Ryan Hanigan.  Middlebrooks became a trade (…)

11 Dec 14

The Red Sox have signed free agent pitcher and former team member Justin Masterson to a one year $9 million contract.  Masterson will (…)

11 Dec 14

With Lester out of the picture, the Red Sox have a long way to go in rebuilding their rotation.  They tried to get some help by trading (…)

10 Dec 14

Jon Lester is not coming back through that door. Meh has signed a 6 year $155 million dollar deal with the Cubs.  Theo found a way to (…)


After making some big noise with the signing of Hanley Ramirez, the Red Sox are signing another big free agent.  Pablo Sandovol is (…)

31 Oct 14

The Red Sox have signed relief pitcher Koji Uehara to a 2-year $18 million dollar contract.  The Sox had exclusive rights to negotiate (…)

31 Jul 14

John Lackey was traded today to the Cardinals for outfielder/first baseman Allen Craig and right-handed pitcher Joe Kelly.  The Sox also (…)

14 Apr 14

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because Dustin Pedroia’s wrist injury is not serious.  Pedroia told the Globe he received great news (…)

25 Mar 14

It was not easy to find supporters of John Harrington in the late 90's. Unofficially, Harrington was CEO of the Red Sox. (…)

23 Mar 14

I was about to write a piece about the Sox loss of base-stealing ability with the departure of Jacoby Ellsbury. However, it appears (…)

20 Mar 14

High hopes in March often fade quickly in April and May. The Red Sox found this to be true in 99, when Sox pitching coach and (briefly) (…)

19 Mar 14

I was hoping they were going to come out and give me one of those cans of spray in case they decided to attack me again. (…)

14 Mar 14

The late Larry Whiteside was a low-key writer, rarely critical. But when he began this March 99 piece with the line "Think it's (…)

13 Mar 14

Rick Burleson, where are you? I'd like to put the Rooster, now 62 years old, in a time machine and transport him back 40 years to (…)

09 Mar 14

Ryan Dempster's  announcement that he will not pitch in 2014 didn't cause any particlular outcry from writers and fans. (…)

05 Mar 14

The story about Roger Clemens moving to the Yankees was one which would not easily go away. Dan Shaughnessy  already had made lots (…)