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04 May 18

At Christmas I had made a mixtape for the Oilers. I needed some way to tell them how I felt about them and the mixed-up, complicated, mess of (…)

28 Feb 18

February 28, 2018 10:01 am · By:

With the 2018 NHL trade deadline now past, the time-honoured tradition of rehashing previous deals is now front and centre. The Edmonton (…)

11 Nov 17

November 11, 2017 10:38 am · By:

Sport is about many things. Camaraderie, overcoming adversity and challenges, the agony of defeat and exultation of success, and along (…)

10 Jul 17

It seems as though every season the footprint of the analytics movement in hockey grows a little larger, to the point today where (…)

12 Apr 17

This is a collection of a few stray thoughts collected into a series I’ve labelled Deeper Issues. Get Ready For (…)

15 Mar 17

What sort of historical comparisons do we have for Milan Lucic and what can we expect from him in the proceeding 6 years of his contract? (…)

20 Feb 17

Someone is selling snake oil to the Oilers and they are buying. In a December 31st article by David Staples over at Cult of Hockey he (…)