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Ryan Henning


All of the talk of the offseason hangs in the balance of the CBA negotiations between the players and the League. As much a part of the (…)


One of the many issues with the Twins this season was how fraught with injury they were, from the top on down. Outfielders and pitchers were (…)


The offseason has been underway for a few days now, and while the cloud of a potential work stoppage looms, that hasn’t stopped some (…)

20 Oct

There has been a good deal of speculation of all the things the Twins will do this offseason. They need pitching. Then, they need pitching. (…)

17 Sep

I say a lot of stuff out here that ends up being wrong, but I am rarely called out for it. It’s a nice break from real life, in that (…)

28 Aug

In a season that was implausibly disappointing, this past week may have been the toughest to endure yet, assuming you are still paying (…)