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20 May 18

When our draft analyst, Wonder, comments on offseason free agents or college prospects, the most dreaded review you want to hear from him (…)

06 May 18

It is always important to read the stories of what actually took place behind the scenes to fully understand the Draft. The picks are done, (…)

24 Mar 18

What to do with pick #2? The amount of speculation and analysis of what the NY Giants should do at “1.02” is unending. My twitter (…)

09 Mar 18

Our Draft Analyst Wonder has many thoughts on this year’s Draft. None of the following comments are in quotes… but they are all Wonder’s (…)

05 Feb 18

5:39 left in Q4 Philadelphia ball at their 45 yd line 4th & 1 Down 33-32 Doug Pederson kept his Offense on the field and went for it. (…)

17 Jan 18

We have spent the past 11 years on this NY Giants blog trying to maintain analytical objectivity about the way football games are won (…)

22 Dec 17

You probably know Louis Riddick as the football analyst on ESPN. That is the tip of the iceberg. The NY Giants interviewed Riddick yesterday (…)

21 Dec 17

Today we have a guest blogger, Christian Norcia, penning this post. Christian has been a regular reader of UltimateNYG since the (…)

18 Dec 17

This was the second Giants game I voluntarily declined to watch in 11 years of blogging. It is the first time in 2 generations that a Giants (…)

04 Dec 17

The NY Giants fired GM Jerry Reese and HC Ben McAdoo this morning. Next. We have been critics of the Head Coach and General Manager for (…)

03 Dec 17

This is the first game I have missed voluntarily in 11 years of blogging. While it is not about me, and it is about the Giants, I know (…)