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Beginners Guide to Select the Best Camping Gear

You can have amazing memories during the summer by going camping with friends and family. With the right gear, you and your crew will have adequate resources to enjoy your camping trip exploring the outdoors. Many people learn from their mistakes, and this can be quite a terrible experience. We will be discussing some essential camping gear you need to enjoy your trip without any regrets.

Working with a checklist can help you select the right items to make up your camping gear. Some factors to consider when choosing camping gear are the weight of your stuff and portability. Generally, it is more expensive to get a backpacking gear due to the weight it can carry, but it is great for camping trips. If you decide to use a backpack, choose a model that can carry everything you need for the trip.

For your first trip you need the following gear:

Tent and accessories: a tent is a portable shelter where you can sleep while camping outdoors. To set up your tent, you need the tarps, poles, stakes, and tie-downs. There are many types and sizes of tents. You need a tent that is durable and lightweight for your backpacking. The bigger tents can be used, but you will need a car to carry it along. The common types of one man tents are the three season and the four season tents. The three season tents are perfect for the winter and the four season tents are adequate for snowdrifts due to their durable fabric.

Sleeping bags: Sleeping bags or sleeping pads should make your list for camping gear. There are so many types; the sleeping pads can be inflated to provide more comfort. Again you should consider size and weight to avoid buying a sleeping bag or pad that will distort your targeted weight.

Backpacks:  there are backpacks that can be used for both camping and backpacking. If you plan to do some hiking during your camping experience, then you need a good backpack that is padded and well balanced so you can carry it for longer hours. Find out some reviews online to know the experience other campers have had with some of the popular backpacks you are considering. This information will also help you save by avoiding spending too much money on a backpack.


Camping chair:  There are so many types of camp chairs sold in the markets, and it is not surprising. The use of camp chairs is an age-long tradition that cannot be left behind; you need a solid camp chair that can last for many years. To make the best choice, you should find ways to make a comparison among the best offers, follow this link to compare the best chairs for camping.  Here you will find so many brands and sizes, they have been made from different materials, and some designers have added more features to attract buyers.

Other essential items you need to put in your backpack include flashlights, maps, first aid kit, and enough toiletries. If you can afford some hi-tech gadgets such as a compass, multipurpose toolkits, and a satellite phone, it will be great. However, some people tend to stick with the traditional camping gear without the use of sophisticated equipment. Have fun and stay safe out there.

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