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Best baseball slots

There is little question that baseball is one of the most popular sports in America, with many viewing it as the country’s national game. It is the sport that consistently scores the highest viewing figures, alongside American football, with fans of the game keen to get their fix of it from anywhere possible. One such place is via online baseball slots games found on online mobile casinos such as and this piece will look at some of the best of these.

  1. King of Swing

This is one such slot that has become very popular among baseball fans and it features graphics and reel icons portraying common baseball ground sights like hitters, pitchers, baseball diamonds, helmets and hotdogs. The five reels are filled with these and players can win a jackpot of 2,500 coins by scoring five in a row of any of them, while five of the baseball icons will score you 20 times the payout of your original betting amount.

  1. Hot Shot

This is another much-beloved online slot game among fans of baseball, and – as with King of Swing – it consists of five reels. There are nine potential pay lines and you secure a win and a payout by getting at least two of the same symbols in a row on any of these pay lines. Of course, the more pay lines you activate, the more it costs you to play, but it also opens you up to the chance of bigger potential wins.

  1. Baseball Slots

The name of this slot game may not be the most imaginative ever, but the actual game itself more than makes up for it. This free mobile slot game has three reels set against a backdrop featuring images of baseballs. Throughout the game-play you will encounter smart 3D imagery and animations, as well as the usual slot features like a coin jackpot and free spins.

  1. Golden Glove

As you can gather from the name, the imagery here centres on a golden baseball catchers mitt, and images on the reels include the likes of a batters helmet, hot dog, baseball cap, umpire and baseball. The wild symbol is the hitter, which can fill in for missing symbols to produce winning lines. As with most other online slots it is really cheap to play and with a maximum jackpot of 5,000 coins there is little to lose and all to gain by playing.

  1. Slot Baseball

The backdrop to this game is a baseball diamond, while the reels contain pictures of baseballs in mitts and players wearing baseball caps, among other things. There is a wild symbol to improve your winning odds, and a fun bonus game, as well as no less than 25 pay lines. This is a game worthy of the baseball slots hall of fame.

If you can’t find any baseball games that you can watch then playing any of these games will be a superb alternative.

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