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Best Fat Burners for Runners

Running is without a doubt one of the best forms of exercise you can take part in on a regular basis if your goal is to increase your overall fitness levels and lose weight.

But, if you’re looking to accelerate your fat burning potential considerably, the perfect way to do exactly that is by utilising a fat burner along with regular training, following a healthy & well-balanced diet, along with remaining in a consistent calorie deficit.

However, with there being such a wide choice of fat burners out there on the market, you might just be left struggling to make a decision on which one will suit your needs the best.

Thankfully, the following article will delve deeper into the best fat burners for runners. To discover everything that you need to know, simply continue reading as we cover all of the essential information.


Manufactured by PFX Labs Ltd, ShredCBD comes out on top in our list of fat burners for runners. After all, its perfectly formulated blend of ingredients will not only take your fat loss potential to the next level, it also contains 20mg of premium pure CBD isolate per capsule too!

Why ShredCBD is a top fat burner for running:
Fast acting fat loss
Reduces inflammation and can aid runners with pain management
Improves performance and focus
Promotes fat oxidation and metabolism boosts
Zero unwanted side effects

Runners have been using CBD for a long time, and ShredCBD tops out our list of fat burners to runners as it combines premium CBD Isolate with a top fat burning blend.

This ensures that you can enjoy a whole host of benefits including reduced fat storage, better sleep & recovery, and increased fat oxidisation.

The benefits of CBD have been well-documented in recent times. One of the most prominent is undoubtedly pain relief – something that will probably be of interest to runners as their sport is a high-impact exercise that can often have a negative impact on the joints.

According to a 2012 study (1), CBD’s anti-oxidant properties allow it to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

In addition to this, CBD is often consumed as a way of reducing the negative effects caused by anxiety. A 2019 study (2) confirmed its effectiveness in this regard, as almost 80% of the 72 study participants were found to have experienced decreased anxiety scores after consuming CBD.

Therefore, it can most definitely be said that ShredCBD represents a solid all-round choice if you’re in search of a way to alleviate the aforementioned health issues while accelerating your fat loss journey.

With ShredCBD You Get:

60 capsules
40mg of CBD Isolate
50mg of Green Tea and Garcina Cambodia
Free Shipping
Free Helpful Fat Loss Guide

Interested in purchasing ShredCBD yourself?

If so, you can do exactly that over on their official website. A single container (one month’s supply) will set you back $67.00. Or, you purchase a 2-month or 3-month bundle deal – saving you 5 or 10% respectively.


2) Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner

This fat burner from Performance Lab represents a solid choice for runners thanks to the blend of ingredients that are contained within the product – scientifically crafted to aid the fat loss process.
Supporting fat loss and allowing you to train effectively even in a fasted state, Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner is designed to be utilised alongside regular exercise and a well-rounded diet.

Free from stimulants, you can make use of this particular supplement to preserve lean muscle mass as you take part in cardio workouts – ensuring those hard-earned gains don’t go to waste.

As well as this, the stim-free thermogenic properties allow you to increase your fat burning potential while you avoid common fat burner side effects which includes jitters and energy crashes.

What’s more, Sport Fat Burner also allows you to benefit from regulated blood sugar, increased energy expenditure, and an increased metabolism. So, it’s well worth considering if you’re in search of a solid fat burner that can enhance your running performance as well as your fat burning potential without having to rely on stimulants.

If you like the sound of this particular supplement and would like to find out more information, simply head on over to their official website, where container of this supplement will set you back $50.00 for 60 capsules.


3) Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

Next up on our list of recommended fat burners for runners list comes PhysiqueSeries from Transparent Labs. Featuring a blend of proven ingredients including Green Tea Extract – proven for its thermogenic and appetite supressing properties, this is a solid fat burner that can help you reach your fitness goals and enjoy other benefits such as increased energy.

When combined with other ingredients such as Cayenne Pepper Extract and Caffeine Anhydrous, you can effectively fuel your running workouts while taking your fat burning potential to the next level.

It would have been better to include ingredients such as Green Coffee Bean and Glucomannan, as they these two compounds are both scientifically proven to help considerably on your quest to lose weight.

This would have made PhysiqueSeries a more effective choice. However, the fact the manufacturer has decided to use a series of proven ingredients including the ones previously mentioned still ensures that you’re getting a solid fat burner for the price that you pay.

Coming in at a cost of $49.00 for one bottle at the time of writing, this particular supplement comes in at a reasonable price considering you get a total of 60 servings. But, if you’d like to save yourself some of your hard-earned cash, you can do exactly that by taking advantage of their 2 or 3 bottle packages – saving you $9.00 or $28.00 respectively. You can purchase PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner directly from the manufacturer’s website.


Well, that concludes our complete guide to the best fat burners for runners! By this point, you will have acquired the knowledge that you need to make an informed decision on which fat burner is the most appropriate for your particular needs.

Each of the supplements we have covered in this article are undoubtedly a great choice for runners looking to boost their fat loss potential. But, if you also happen to suffer from health issues such as inflammation and anxiety, and would like to go a step further in reaching your fat loss goals, consuming a supplement which contains CBD will essentially allow you to kill two birds with one stone. With that in mind, we’d highly recommend checking out ShredCBD as it certainly ticks all of these boxes!

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