Best NFTs to Buy in 2024

NFTs allow investors to secure digital ownership of assets. With thousands of NFTs to choose from, separating the good from the bad can be difficult.

With this in mind, today’s guide will explore and rank the 10 best NFTs to buy in 2024.


The 10 Best NFTs to Buy Right Now

After researching the best NFTs to invest in, we concluded the following 10 projects have the best potential.

  1. Tamadoge – The Future of Play-to-Earn
  2. Battle InfinityOverall Best NFT to Buy In 2024
  3. CryptoPunks – NFT Collection For Crypto-Art Enthusiasts
  4. Awesome Possums – Utility NFT Platform Empowering Mental Health Awareness
  5. Eternal Dragons – Multi-Chapter Gaming Franchise NFT Collection
  6. Meebits – 3D Voxel Characters on the Ethereum Blockchain
  7. The Moonkys – Trading NFT Collection With a Low Floor Price
  8. Sorare – Top-Rated Sports NFT Series
  9. Decentraland Wearables – NFT Collection For Popular Blockchain-Powered Virtual World
  10. Snoop Dogg B.O.D.R – Limited Edition Gala Music NFT Album
  11. Grouchy Tiger Social Club – NFT Ecosystem of Tigers, Cubs, and Tigresses

A Full Evaluation of The Best NFT Tokens to Buy in 2024

Below, we take a close look at the above list of the best NFTs to invest in right now. The following list includes a variety of different themes to suit every type of NFT investor.

Investors will find information on categories like metaverse game items, fantasy sports, football cards, crypto art, and more.

1 – Tamadoge – The Future of Play-to-Earn

best NFTs to buy in 2022 - Tamadoge

The Tamadoge (TAMA) presale is currently ongoing, with people now able to buy tokens in exchange for USDT or ETH through the official website.

By the last quarter of 2022, you’ll be able to own and trade Tamadoge NFTs. Holders can breed, feed, groom, and play with their NFTs to level up on a monthly leaderboard.

In early 2023, Tamadoge will venture into the metaverse. You’ll now be able to play with a fully rigged 3D model on your NFT, complete with augmented reality capabilities.

Tamadoge competitions will get tougher and more exciting, with better tech and additional minigames being introduced throughout 2023.

At the time of writing, the minimum investment for Tamadoge is 1,000 TAMA. At the presale price of $0.01, you’ll be paying approximately $10, including gas fees.

2 – Battle Infinity – Overall Best NFT to Buy In 2024

Battle Infinity is the overall best NFT to buy right now. In Battle Infinity, users can not only play and engage in combat but also take in the immersive world of the metaverse.

There are six products offered. IBAT Premier League is the first decentralized blockchain-based NFT fantasy sports game in the world that is integrated with a metaverse.

This allows users to create a strategic squad to compete against players around the globe and win rewards. The athletes are chosen from actual sports, and their worth is determined by how well they perform in real-world games.

Battle Infinity

Meanwhile, Battle Swap functions as a decentralized exchange and a bank. This makes it possible for new users to buy IBAT tokens immediately and to exchange their winnings for other currencies.

There is also the IBAT Battle Market, which is split into two sections. One allows creators to buy, sell, advertise, and mint their artwork.

The other section enables players to buy and upgrade their game, avatars, and land. They will also be able to sell the aforementioned items in an open marketplace too.

There are various NFT P2E (Play-to-earn) games on the  Battle Infinity platform. Moreover, all games are connected to the IBAT Battle Arena, which serves as the platform’s metaverse.

The pre-sale price for each BNB allocated is 166,666.66 IBAT tokens. This is the platform’s native cryptocurrency, which fuels the Battle Infinity ecosystem. Note that presale buyers of IBAT tokens will get the best available price.

To find out more, the full whitepaper can be found on the Battle Infinity website. There is also more information on the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

3 – CryptoPunks – NFT Collection For Crypto-Art Enthusiasts

Crypto Punks

CryptoPunks is a collection of 10,000 randomly produced characters. They are built on the Ethereum blockchain, and investors can take ownership of each NFT.

Investors with an Ethereum wallet could have initially claimed them for free, but all 10,000 were swiftly taken. Now, they have to be acquired through an NFT marketplace, such as OpenSea.

A single CryptoPunk will have a maximum of seven attributes. However, there is only one CryptoPunk, #Punk 8348, which possesses all seven qualities. This comprises a mole, sunglasses, buck teeth, a full beard, a top hat, earrings, and a cigarette.

CryptoPunks are capable of having no attributes at all, however the majority usually have two or three. Investors can purchase, sell, and offer punk NFTs in this marketplace.

Investors will be able to see each CryptoPunk NFT’s current market standing by its background color. For instance, there are no active bids for punks with a blue background. As such, they are not for sale. Any CryptoPunk NFTs with a red background are available to buy. Finally, when an NFT has a purple background it has an active bid.

At the time of writing, CryptoPunks are one of the more expensive NFTs – this NFT collection has a floor price of 76.8 ETH on NFT marketplaces, second only to the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). For entry-level NFT investors looking for cheaper, newer NFTs, see our list of new NFT projects.

4 – Awesome Possums – Utility NFT Project Empowering Mental Health Awareness

Awesome Possums

The Awesome Possums NFT project is one of the first aimed at raising mental health awareness and empowering addiction recovery.

That is to say, the founders of Awesome Possums give back to charitable organizations such as Waterwheel Foundation, Shatterproof, Child Mind Institute and more.

There are 12,000 unique Awesome Possums NFTs. This includes 10 rare as well as 2k and 3D. As a reward for early investors, 3,000 Awesome Possums will be distributed.

Furthermore, the creators of the Awesome Possums NFT collection promise generous prizes, games, merchandise, charitable donations, student scholarships, and more for its investors.

According to the platform, this includes prizes like Awesome Possums merchandise, lottery tickets for virtual currency, and passes to live events.

The floor price for Awesome Possums NFTs is 0.05 ETH at the time of writing. Traits include musical instruments, movie themes such as Star Wars, hats, sunglasses and more.

5 – Eternal Dragons – Multi-Chapter Gaming Franchise NFT Collection

Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons offers some of the best NFT crypto for gamers. This is a Genesis NFT collection. It is made up of the characters that form the cornerstone of the Trailblazer Games’ multi-chapter gaming franchise.

Each theme that makes up the 10,000 NFT collection is represented by a different set of dragons. The first batch was released in July 2022, at which time 1,000 dragons were made available to mint.

As well as the many advantages listed on the platform, owners of Eternal Dragons NFTs will gain access to a revolutionary breeding program for a sustainable economy.

In addition to this, players can enter the amazing fantasy realm which is full of dragons, magic, and mystery whilst increasing power in future games.

Both inside and beyond the game environment, Eternal Dragons enables the community and players to contribute to writing this history.

The floor price for Eternal Dragons NFTs at the time of writing is 16.99 SOL. Eternal Dragons NFTs have 200 unique traits.

6 – Meebits – 3D Voxel Characters on the Ethereum Blockchain


The aforementioned CryptoPunks team produced the NFT collection known as The Meebits. A bespoke generative algorithm produced 20,000 different 3D voxel characters.

Meebits NFTs were subsequently recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection now ranks among the most popular NFT projects on the OpenSea platform.

There are thousands of different Meebit NFT traits. This includes hair, clothing and accessories like earrings, tattoos, hats, beards, glasses, shoes and more.

There is also a multitude of Meebit types, such as skeleton, robot, pig, human, and others. The integrated Meebits market is a zero-fee platform that supports straightforward trades involving up to 100 meebits.

To cut costs and network utilization, a portion of the Meebits marketplace is operated off chain. Moreover, owners of Meebits can choose which Meebits they are open to receiving offers for or trading.

Investors can also carry out more complex buy, bid, and ask transactions. At the time of writing, the floor price of this NFT series is 5.6 ETH.

7 – The Moonkys – Trading NFT Collection With a Low Floor Price

The Moonkys

One of the best NFT projects right now is The Moonkys. At the time of writing, the collection is trending on the well-known platform OpenSea.

There are 9,000 unique and charming Moonkys NFTs that were generated at random. These NFTs are kept on IPFS, and they are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Part of the project’s roadmap will allow for a 3D version of Moonkys which will be usable in the metaverse.

The team also plans to release wearable merchandise and collaborate with different communities and artists.

The Moonkys NFT project has pledged to redistribute 2% of all sales to charitable organizations. At the time of writing, the floor price is 0.01 ETH.

Anyone looking to invest in new NFTs like Moonkys should also look out for giveaways and contests.

8 – Sorare – Top-Rated Sports NFT Series


In the fantasy football game Sorare, users from all around the world can buy, trade, and collect a variety of blockchain-backed NFTs of their favorite athletes.

By this we mean, each card depicts a real-life professional athlete. The value of the associated NFT increases in direct proportion to the player’s actual real-world performance.

It functions in a manner similar to those of real-world baseball cards and fantasy American football.

Soccer statistics are gathered by Sorare via the Opta data stats platform. This ensures total openness with regard to data collecting and player ranking.

The Ethereum blockchain is used to create and distribute the NFT player cards. Cards can be purchased by users on the Sorare platform.

Players are free to resell their cards on peer-to-peer exchanges as their rightful owners. The Sorare team has acquired more than 200 licenses to date.

This includes the rights to MLS, the Korean League, and the Japanese League in addition to European powerhouses like Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, and Juventus.

The floor price at the time of writing is 0.01 ETH.

9 – Decentraland Wearables – NFT Collection For Popular Blockchain-Powered Virtual World


Decentraland is a metaverse that is largely built and controlled by its users. This virtual world runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

On Decentraland, players can create, utilize, and make money from their own content and apps within the metaverse.

A key way for users to become a part of the expanding Decentraland community is to buy, sell, mint, and trade the distinctive NFTs that avatars wear in-game. This is where the Decentraland Wearables NFT collection comes in.

Decentraland Wearables NFTs include everything from hats, masks, and hoodies, to tuxedo’s, visors and night vision goggles.

Users can also mint, acquire, trade, or move goods without having to pay for gas since Decentraland Wearables are minted on the Polygon/Matic side chain by default.

Depending on the item’s rarity, each Decentraland Wearable item has a maximum number of NFTs that may be produced.

Decentraland Wearables is also one of the best cheap NFTs too. As of the time of writing, the floor price for this NFT collection is 0.01 ETH. According to Opensea, there are more than 70,000 Decentraland Wearables items to choose from.

10 – Snoop Dogg B.O.D.R – Limited Edition Gala Music NFT Album    

Snoop Dogg BODR

B.O.D.R. (Bacc on Death Row), Snoop Dogg’s most recent album, is now accessible on the blockchain. This is possibly the best NFT token for music fans.

Three special additional tracks are included on Snoop’s NFT LP edition thanks to a collaboration with blockchain gaming company Gala.

According to Gala, it was the first decentralized record label in existence. The initiative aims to demonstrate to fans and supporters the value of listen-to-earn. This is of course comparable to play-to-earn.

A growing number of artists support the Gala ecosystem. In terms of this particular music NFT series, there are 25,000 Snoop Stash Boxes available for purchase.

There will only be 1,470 NFTs of each, and one of the 17 B.O.D.R. tracks are included in every Stash Box.

A unique set of benefits are included with Stash Box, including the possibility of receiving NFT airdrops that include movies, pictures, comics, and chances to win concert tickets. According to OpenSea, the floor price is 0.07 ETH.

11 – Grouchy Tiger Social Club – NFT Ecosystem of Tigers, Cubs, and Tigresses

Grouchy Tiger Social Club

Grouchy Tiger Social Club is a series of NFTs like no other on this list. 10,000 ERC-1155 Grouchy Tigers and 5,000 companion female ERC-721 Tigresses make up the Grouchy Tiger Social Club NFT collection.

As per the nature of NFTs, each Grouchy Tiger avatar is distinct and was created at random. The scar on their snout serves as a clue as to which of seven types of tigers they are.

For instance, a Wizard will feature lightning, the Gambler has a spade, and the Explorer’s nose shows a cross.

Others include the Fighter, which has a flame on its nose, and Hunter with a paw print. Finally, Leader features a crown, and Lover has a heart.

There is also the Grouchy Cub Breeding Program. This allows investors to establish a family of NFTs through an innovative breeding system that offers owners further long-term value.

This can be achieved once the investor has a male and female Grouchy, as well as a stack of GTT tokens set aside. The objective of the game is to produce the rarest baby cubs possible.

The floor price at the time of writing is 0.09 ETH.

How to Choose the Best NFT to Buy

Choosing the best NFT tokens is no easy feat – as there are so many collections in circulation. As such, investors need to check a range of variables such as rarity, use cases, floor price and more.

We talk about each of these metrics in the sections below:

Explore The Use Case of The NFTs

For many investors, the more use cases an NFT series has, the better. In contrast, some NFT projects have no other use or ecosystem in place. An example would be digital works of art.

NFT projects like Battle Infinity, however, have an entire ecosystem.

Battle Infinity Swap and Market

Here’s a recap:

  • As we mentioned, the Battle Infinity ecosystem integrates numerous P2E battle and fantasy sports games within its metaverse
  • Moreover, its decentralized exchange, Battle Swap, allows investors to buy IBAT on a direct basis and swap rewards for other currencies
  • The Battle Market allows users to mint, buy and sell NFTs online
  • Battle Staking enables traders to stake their holdings. This is possible by depositing IBAT holdings and locking them
  • The IBAT Premier League is an NFT fantasy sports game built on the blockchain

Across all of its ecosystem, players can earn Battle Infinity’s native token IBAT, which can be swapped for other digital assets

Generally speaking, the more uses an NFT series has, the easier they are to sell in exchange for crypto tokens like BNB or ETH.

Check the Floor Price of the NFT Collection 

For those unaware, the floor price of an NFT series is quite literally the lowest value of the collection, so it is the cheapest to purchase.

Whilst the best NFT to invest in isn’t always the most cost-effective, it will be in most investors’ interest to find out the floor price of a collection to ensure it is within budget.

The floor price will be determined by various factors, such as the collection itself, as well as the number of NFTs in the series and the rarity of their traits.

Some NFT collections, such as the Moonkys, have a floor price of 0.01 ETH, which is only around $11 at the time of writing. Of course, there’s no easy way of knowing whether an NFT will make an investor sizable profits – if at all.

In contrast, the floor price for the CryptoPunk collection is 76.8 ETH. At the time of writing, this is the equivalent of over $76,000.

Interestingly, the CEO and former owner of the CryptoPunk #7804 NFT initially bid 12 ETH, which was around $15,000. In 2021, the NFT sold for 4,200 ETH, which was the equivalent of over $7.5 million.

Research Best-Selling NFT Markets

By finding trending NFT markets, it’s possible that an investor will be able to capitalize on its popularity. As with other digital assets, such as crypto tokens, trends come and go quickly.

At the time of writing, gaming NFTs are trending. The use of a play-to-earn concept is a significant aspect of NFT games.

Battle Infinity Games and Arena

This is one of the reasons that Battle Infinity is the best NFT to buy. As we noted, players can buy, sell and swap their NFT and IBAT tokens within the ecosystem.

That is to say, participants are rewarded special NFTs or cryptocurrencies within the Battle Infinity metaverse and can also buy and sell them in the platform’s own marketplace and beyond.

Consider How Many NFTs are Available

It’s a good idea to check the total supply when searching for the best NFTs to flip. This is because, the less there are, the higher the demand is likely to be.

This means that the likelihood of being able to sell the NFT later at a higher value is increased as per the laws of supply and demand.

Look for NFT Trait Rarities

As is clear from our list of the best NFTs to buy, each collection will contain digital assets with varying attributes.

Moreover, each NFT in a series will state how many there are of each with that particular trait. Many traders look for rare NFTs that can be bought at a low price and sold later for a higher amount due to its rarity score.

That is to say, if in a series of NFTs there are 50 characters with sunglasses, and only one with a mustache, the latter is likely to sell for more as it’s more rare.

Assess Trending NFT Collections

To find NFT collections with a higher upside potential, look for trending markets. This is easily achieved by checking out popular marketplace OpenSea.

When searching for NFTs on the aforementioned platform, they can be filtered down by the number of sales, views and more.

Thus, enabling investors to gauge the popularity and potential increase in value. There is also a tab for ‘trending’ and ‘top’ NFTs.

Look For Top-Selling NFT Creators

A good way for beginners to find the best NFT to buy is to look for top-selling creators.

That is to say, if an NFT project has a proven history of success, the chances of the series doing well is potentially increased.

Step-By-Step: How to Buy the Best NFT Token

The best place to buy NFTs is often directly through the creator of the collection.

To illustrate how simple the process is, below we explain how to invest in Battle Infinity – which is currently engaged in its presale campaign.

Step 1 – Visit the Battle Infinity Platform

Investors can visit the Battle Infinity website prior to taking part in the presale launch to buy IBAT tokens.

Here, investors will be able to further research the project itself and will have access to the whitepaper.

Step 2 – Purchase Some BNB Tokens

Battle Infinity’s native cryptocurrency is IBAT – which is built on the Binance Smart Chain.

This means that in order to buy IBAT on the platform for the presale launch, investors need to have some BNB tokens.

There are multiple options, but Binance is a good place to start. This is because the platform is compatible with BNB and accepts credit/debit cards.

The minimum investment in the Battle Infinity presale is 0.1 BNB.

Once this has been purchased at Binance, the tokens can be transferred to a wallet. We found that the best wallet for NFTs is MetaMask.

Step 3 – Download the MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask is the best wallet for NFTs as it supports a wide range of blockchain applications. This makes it simple to buy, sell, swap, and send digital tokens like BNB in safety. Download MetaMask Wallet

Furthermore, MetaMask comes in different forms. This wallet can be downloaded as an extension on Edge, Chrome, Brave Browser, or Firefox.

Alternatively, the MetaMask wallet can be downloaded as an app for Android and iOS.

Once downloaded, enter a strong password and make a note of the passphrase.

Step 4 – Send BNB Tokens to MetaMask

At this stage, investors can transfer the BNB tokens they purchased to the MetaMask wallet.

This requires the following steps:

  • Click ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Network’
  • Next, select ‘Add Network’
  • Where it says ‘Network Name’, enter ‘Smart Chain’
  • Next to ‘New RPC URL’, enter ‘
  • Beside ChainID, add ‘56’
  • The symbol should be ‘BNB’
  • Where it says ‘Block Explorer URL’, add ‘
  • Under ‘Account 1’ copy the BSc wallet address

Finally, go to the wallet or exchange where the BNB tokens were purchased (for example Binance) and complete the transfer.

Step 5 – Link MetaMask to Battle Infinity

Armed with a funded BNB wallet, go to the Battle Infinity platform.

Look for and click ‘Launch Presale Dashboard’ and select ‘Connect Wallet’, followed by ‘MetaMask’.Buy IBAT Tokens from Battle Infinity

Following this selection, the extension will ask the investor to confirm the action of linking the MetaMark wallet to the Battle Infinity presale platform.

Step 6 – Enter Number of BNB Tokens

In order to buy IBAT to use in the Battle Infinity metaverse or swap with other digital assets, investors need to enter the number of BNB tokens to swap.

As seen above, the BNB to IBAT conversion will appear in the box. Confirm by clicking ‘Buy IBAT’.

A MetaMask pop-up will appear to approve the BNB/IBAT transaction. Confirm to continue and the IBAT tokens will be added to the user’s MetaMask wallet.


Today, we’ve analyzed the best NFT to buy now and a diverse range of other projects. This covered everything from NFT gaming collections to music and art work.

The overall best NFT to buy is Battle Infinity – which is a newly launched project with its own ecosystem. This includes in-game NFTs and even a fantasy sports league connected to the metaverse.

Investors can obtain a highly favorable price on IBAT by heading over to the presale launch via the Battle Infinity platform.


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