Best Play to Earn Crypto Games in 2023

Play to earn crypto games have rapidly advanced and grown in popularity over recent years, but finding the best crypto games can still be a difficult process.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be reviewing 10 of the best crypto games on the market, discussing where investors can buy assets from play to earn crypto games, and even providing an overview of how exactly play to earn games work. Let’s get started.

The Top 10 Best P2E Crypto Games for 2023

In order to make it easy for investors to select the best crypto games, we’ve included a quick overview of each but more in-depth reviews of each of the blockchain games can be found in the section that follows.

  • Battle Infinity Overall Best Crypto Game
  • Axie Infinity – Mainstream Blockchain Game
  • Mines of Dalarnia – Mining and Exploring Blockchain Game
  • Silks – Play to Earn Horse Racing
  • Alien Worlds – DeFi Crypto Game
  • Spliterlands – Hearthstone-Esque P2E Card Game
  • Chainmonsters – Free to Play MMORPG Blockchain Game
  • Gods Unchained – Expansive Trading Card Crypto Game
  • StepN – Move to Earn Crypto Game
  • CryptoBlades – NFT-Based Role Playing Game

Best Crypto Games for Earning Money Reviewed

Naturally, making money with P2E games is one of the main draws of the P2E sector. We’ve taken a look at 10 of the hottest and most profitable blockchain games on the market. Each of the projects we’re reviewing boasts excellent earning mechanics and should stand the test of time.

1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best Crypto Game

Battle Infinity is up there with the best blockchain games of the year. The project blends elements from the Metaverse, NFTs, and P2E games to create a utility investor’s dream. Battle Infinity is split into six unique platforms each of which provides users with a specific service. Furthermore, despite only launching recently, Battle Infinity has already been KYC-verified by CoinSniper, a great sign for the project’s longevity.

battle infinity

As we mentioned, Battle Infinity is split into six platforms most of which provide investors with excellent earning opportunities. This allows investors to pick and choose which elements of Battle Infinity they get involved with, providing far more choice than most blockchain games. The six Battle Infinity platforms include a fantasy sports league, a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, a P2E games platform, a Metaverse world, and even a staking platform.

With so many ways to earn, it’s easy to see why Battle Infinity has taken the top spot on our list of the best crypto games. At the core of the project’s ecosystem is the BEP-20 $IBAT token which is used to reward gameplay and staking as well as to facilitate transactions. The $IBAT token has a max supply of 10 billion, 28% of which is allocated to the presale.

All in all, Battle Infinity provides a massive amount of functionality and offers enough variety to keep both players and investors hooked for the long term. As the best crypto game, it’s worth keeping up to date with the project’s developments. This can be done by joining the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

Minimum Investment 0.1 BNB
Maximum Investment 500 BNB
Chain Binance Smart Chain
Presale Start Date 11th July 2022
Presale End Date  10th October 2022

2. Axie Infinity – Mainstream Blockchain Game

It’s extremely likely that any fan of blockchain games would have heard about Axie Infinity. It’s one of the largest and best crypto games on the market. Since it’s release in 2018, Axie Infinity has taken the world by storm and amassed thousands of players worldwide who adore the title for its excellent gameplay and P2E mechanics.


Axie Infinity’s core gameplay is similar to the hit game Pokemon. Players explore a virtual world collecting monsters known as Axies that can be upgraded, battled, and bred. While the game does have a slight barrier to entry in that an investor needs to first acquire 3 Axies before they can play the game, there are few limitations once this initial requirement has been fulfilled.

The Axie Infinity ecosystem is powered by two crypto gaming coins; Smooth Love Potion ($SLP) and Axie Infinity Shard ($AXS). The former is used for upgrading Axies and interacting with the game, the latter is designed for people that want to invest in the game without playing. If that sounds appealing, $AXS can be purchased from most leading exchanges like eToro.

3. Mines of Dalarnia – Mining and Exploring Blockchain Game

Another massively popular name on our list of play to earn crypto games, Mines of Dalarnia (MoD), is an action-adventure game centered around mining/exploring with additional Metaverse real-estate mechanics sprinkled in for good touch.

mines of dalnarnia

Gameplay in MoD is fairly diverse. players can explore procedurally generated levels to find new territories, mine resources, and fight enemies. In order to earn money, players can battle, collect rare items, complete quests, stake the game’s native $DAR crypto game coin, or purchase and rent out land.

With MoD being NFT-based, most of the game’s assets are owned and controlled by players adding to the game’s decentralized ethos. While the game might not be quite as popular as Axie Infinity, the native $DAR token can still be purchased from most large exchanges, for instance,

4. Silks – Play to Earn Horse Racing

For investors wanting to play P2E crypto games, Silks combines the word of horse racing with blockchain technology in order to provide users with one of the best play to earn crypto games in the industry. It’s similar to the massively popular Zed Run, which was one of the first games to earn crypto that gained mainstream popularity.

silks website

When it comes to gameplay, Silks is surprisingly similar to real-world horse racing. Players are able to buy/trade horses that can then be bred or raced against others. Furthermore, players can also create farms, stables, and estates in order to profit without winning any races. Each Silks horse is based on a real-world racehorse, with the virtual animals inheriting traits from their real-world counterparts.

Overall, Silks is an extremely interesting concept that is rapidly evolving with new features frequently getting announced. If the success of Zed Run is anything to go by, it’s likely that Silks will perform well. It might not be our top crypto game, but it’s definitely a play to earn crypto game worth watching.

5. Alien Worlds – DeFi Crypto Game

Alien Worlds is a massive decentralized Metaverse in which players are tasked with collecting scarce resources in order to earn funds and expand. The project is still fairly fresh but it’s already making waves within the community, likely in part due to successfully getting the game’s native TLM currency on Binance.

alien worlds website

Alien Worlds is primarily centered around a series of planets each of which has a simulated economy, similar to the popular game Star Citizen. The game features both PVE and PVP elements, meaning there’s plenty of content to enjoy within Alien Worlds.

In this play to earn crypto game, players can mine on various words in order to earn the crypto game coin $TLM or alternatively NFT packs which can then either be sold for fiat, staked for interest, or battle it out with other users. Within the Alien Worlds Metaverse, there is a multitude of DAOs that each control certain areas. This means that players with $TLM are able to make their voices heard, adding to the community elements of the game.

6. Splinterlands – Hearthstone-Esque P2E Card Game

The ability to earn crypto playing games has been massively popular in recent times. Digital trading card games like Hearthstone have also grown massively over the past few years. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Splinterlands, a game combining both sectors has been met with positive attention from investors.


Free play to earn crypto games are a rarity but Splinterlands delivers. The only setup cost involved is purchasing a pack of starter cards but some lucky gamers can immediately profit if they’re able to pull a rare or valuable card on their first try. As Splinterlands is centered around opening packs of trading cards, RNG definitely plays a fairly large part in the game which is something to consider for prospective players.

While it can be tricky to get to grips with the game’s mechanics (like any trading card game), skilled players can earn sizable rewards. By battling other players to undertaking various quests, players can earn new cards which can either be used in a deck or sold for fiat.

7. Chainmonsters – Free to Play MMORPG Blockchain Game

Another top crypto game taking a page out of Nintendo’s book, Chainmonsters is a Pokemon-style MMORPG that provides players with an expansive world to explore and plenty of monsters (called Chainmons) to capture and train. The game is built on the Flow blockchain meaning fees are fairly low and transactions fast.


Chainmonsters is one of the few truly free play to earn crypto games out there. Players can choose to go through the entire game without spending a penny all while earning a series of tiered rewards. With that said, the game does still feature a player-driven economy with Chainmons and rare items all being tokenized in the form of NFTs.

While Chainmonsters is still very much in its early stages, the main has already attracted thousands of players thanks to its gorgeous graphics and plans to release on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.

8. Gods Unchained – Expansive Trading Card Crypto Game

Gods Unchained is one of the best play to earn crypto games in the industry. Similar to Spinterlands, it’s an NFT-based trading card game that provides players with a way to battle and earn crypto playing games.


The core gameplay of this free play to earn crypto game involves collecting tokenized trading cards, upgrading the aforementioned cards, and battling other players in casual or ranked matches. As Gods Unchained uses an ELO-based system, only players with similar skills and card quality will be matched against one another, making the game far fairer than some other crypto trading card games in which people can just buy the best loot.

There’s a reason why Gods Unchained is so popular, it’s a well-designed and fair, both factors that are unfortunately rather uncommon in the trading card niche. For fans of strategy games, it could be the best crypto game on the market.

9. StepN – Move to Earn Crypto Game

StepN is a massively popular project credited with popularizing the move-to-earn model. The project has two native crypto gaming coins powering it; $GST and $GMT. In keeping with common trends within the top crypto games, $GST is the in-game currency whereas $GMT allows people to invest in the project without playing the actual game.

StepN site

StepN is one of the few mainstream crypto games for IOS and Android. It differs from most P2E crypto games as it incentivizes people for going out and interacting with the real world. People can equip sneakers and go for a walk or run in order to earn $GST which can then be used to upgrade the sneakers to earn greater rewards or be sold on the open market and exchanged for fiat.

StepN gained a massive amount of popularity during the months following its release and even spawned a plethora of copycat blockchain games that follow a similar model. However, in StepN’s case the original remains the best. It’s one of the best crypto games and motives people to stay active, a great combination.

10. CryptoBlades – NFT-Based Role Playing Game

Investors wanting to play P2E crypto games with competitive elements will be interested in CryptoBlades. This new blockchain game provides players with plenty of ways to earn funds in the form of CryptoBlades’ native $SKILL cryptocurrency.


People playing CryptoBlade have a multitude of ways to have fun while competing with their friends. Players can battle opponents, raid others in teams, or stake their $SKILL to earn a slow stream of income. Furthermore, players can craft characters and weapons which can be used in the game or sold along with a range of in-game assets on the CryptoBlades marketplace.

While CryptoBlades hasn’t gained as much traction as the top crypto games, it’s got a dedicated fan base that is growing daily. For fans of competitive RPG games, CryptoBlades is at least worth checking out.

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Where to Buy Tokens & In-Game Assets from Blockchain Games

When it comes to P2E gaming, it’s crucial to have a register with a solid exchange in order to buy assets needed within the games ecosystem. To make the process of finding a great exchange a breeze, we’ve reviewed a couple of the best places to buy in-game assets from blockchain games.


etoro logo

With more than 25 million users spread around the globe, eToro is a truly global platform. The world-class broker supports a massive variety of cryptocurrencies including important assets from the best crypto games like Axie Infinity’s $AXS.

The popular broker comes equipped with a massive amount of features designed to appeal to investors of all experience levels. Beginners will enjoy the platform’s easy-to-navigate interface that makes buying and selling a breeze. Whereas more experienced investors will be able to make excellent use of the platform’s technical indicators and charting tools. Furthermore, eToro features both a dedicated brokerage platform as well as a specialist crypto wallet called the eToro Money Wallet.

etoro crypto

Not only is the broker powerful but it’s also secure. eToro uses market-leading techniques like obscuring client information in order to make sure its users remain safe. Furthermore, eToro is regulated by a number of leading bodies, meaning clients will always have a safety net of sorts when investing with eToro.

Overall, eToro is an excellent broker that will suit the needs of the vast majority of investors. It has a massive range of crypto-assets as well as thousands of stocks, ETFs, and commodities; perfect for investors looking to branch into other asset classes.

eToro also has a Smart Portfolio feature for investors to buy a basket of cryptocurrencies at once, one of which is a collection of the best metaverse crypto coins – called Metaverse Life. There’s also one for DeFi coins, known as its DeFi Portfolio, one for the native tokens of DAO projects, another recently added in 2022 for crypto tokens that address scalability issues in blockchain technology, and many more.

How do Play to Earn Crypto Games Work?

As there’s a massive amount of variety between the best play to earn games, it can be difficult to determine how they work. With that said, most crypto games for Android, IOS, desktop, or browse do share a few similarities.

As you’d expect from a ‘play to earn’ game, they pretty much all feature a way for the player to earn some form of currency. Typically, players will be awarded funds for completing quests, beating opponents, or selling in-game items. By incentivizing players to take the game seriously, some of the best crypto games have evolved entire economies worth millions.

Another commonality between play to earn games is the use of tokenized assets, typically in the form of NFTs. By using NFTs, developers have been able to create bustling in-game economies filled with items that can be easily traded between games or even networks. This approach gives players a reason to spend money on in-game items, resulting in more money for developers while giving players the tools needed to earn a reasonable profit.

Types of P2E Games

With the amount P2E crypto games rapidly increasing, they’re beginning to span an increasing number of categories. Just a few years back P2E games were extremely basic with limited functionality. Now we’re even beginning to see several triple-A play to earn titles cropping up. Below, we’ve included some of the most common types of P2E crypto games.

  • Fantasy Sports
  • Trading Cards
  • Monster Collecting
  • Exploration
  • Mining
  • Player vs Player

Why Play Crypto Games?

For investors looking to get involved with the best blockchain games, it’s natural to wonder why play crypto games. There are already thousands of existing titles on the traditional market so what makes crypto games special?

One of the largest reasons why people are such fans of crypto games is they provide investors with the ability to play games to earn crypto. This makes the prospect of spending hours grinding for items much more barrable as it gives players a reason to continue going. Some in-game items are worth thousands so strategic players, particularly in less economically developed countries can earn a sizable income from these games.

In addition to earning money, players involved with the P2E gaming scene are part of the future of gaming. With several high-profile game studios (like Ubisoft) beginning to implement NFTs into their titles, it’s only a matter of time before NFT gaming becomes mainstream. There are numerous advantages to NFTs (easy trading, ownership of assets, etc) so it’ll be exciting to see how things progress.

Upcoming Play to Earn Crypto Games

With the rate at which play to earn games and Bitcoin games are advancing, the future of the industry is massively promising. It was only a few years back that play to earn games were looked down upon but now players are lining up to get involved with the latest play to earn crypto games.

As the technology advances, more in-depth and expansive games are beginning to get released, Star Atlas for example is a triple-A crypto game that seems set to change the industry for the better. If successful, it’ll only be a matter of time before we get the next generation of P2E games.

To provide an idea of where the industry is heading, below, we’ve included a few mini-profiles of some of the hottest upcoming crypto games.

Battle Infinity – We’ve already touched on this one but it’s worth mentioning twice. Battle Infinity shows a massive amount of promise. The project forms an entire ecosystem of games that branch into a number of the most popular categories. Players can take part in the IBAT fantasy sports league or battle one another in fierce competitions, plus there’s even more planned for the future.

Monsters Clan – Monsters Clan is similar to Axie Infinity in terms of gameplay. It centers around collecting and battling monsters but it takes things a step further by allowing players to upgrade their monsters in a multitude of ways and even to create their own monsters in a lab. Furthermore, the game will feature several Metavese elements like renting own lairs, land, and items.

Illuvium – Illuvium is an upcoming RPG built on the Ethereum network. It centers around exploring several different landscapes and collecting monsters named Illuvials. However, what differentiates Illuvium from other monster battling P2E games is its beautiful graphics. We’re beginning to see a much higher level of graphical fidelity in the top crypto games so it’s only a matter of time before they compete with mainstream titles.

Mobile Crypto Games

Since the invention of smartphones over a decade ago, the mobile gaming scene has really taken off. With smartphone technology becoming increasingly powerful we’re even beginning to desktop titles make their way onto mobile (PUBG, Among Us, etc).

This trend has continued into the blockchain gaming sector, with many projects choosing to release crypto games and even crypto online casinos for Android or IOS as well as desktop. This opens up a massive amount of additional users, which means a greater number of potential investors.

One of the best studios for mobile crypto games is Nakamoto. In addition to a wide range of desktop games, the company also has a host of mobile games with even more on the horizon. Below, we’ll take a brief look at a couple of the best crypto investment Nakamoto games.

Candy Shop- Similar to the massively popular mobile game Candy Crush, consists of beautifully designed levels with the goal of clearing candy from the screen by getting colors to match in rows of four or more. It’s one of the few crypto games for IOS and offers players the ability to battle one another to try and earn a share of the prize pool

Naka Runner – Again following successful mobile models, Naka Runner is closely related to Temple Run. The core gameplay involves running through stages and dodging obstacles. It’s perhaps the best crypto investment Nakamoto games as it has the highest amount of rewards paid out of any mobile game on its platform.

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Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a look at some of the best crypto games on the market, explored where in-game assets can be purchased, and provided an explanation for the P2E gaming trend. However, throughout our research one notable project kept cropping up,

Battle Infinity is a brand new P2E game currently in presale. It’s jam-packed full of utility as well as fun gameplay making it the perfect choice for fans of NFT gaming. It’s one project you don’t want to miss out on this year so check out the website below.


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