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Betting online on National a national sport

The Grand National will be here in a couple of months, leaving many gamblers with an itch that needs to be scratched. This national sport inspires so much competition, we bet you are chomping at the bit to head to the nearest bookie and slap a few quid down.

But, what if you’ve never been to a betting shop a day in your life? Or have zero clue about what to do when you walk into someplace like that? Things can be quite easier if you simply do it online.

No matter if you would rather go to a bookie or head online to do your Grand National betting, never you mind, we’ve got you covered. We understand that the process can be a little overwhelming, especially for newbies, so this comprehensive guide was created to help you sift through the clutter.

Headed to the Betting Shop

Let’s face it – walking into a betting shop isn’t like heading to your favorite store. Admittedly, it can be a little daunting – especially with all the betting sheets on the walls, TVs with a variety of different sports being played, and angry punters yelling at the television.

But, don’t you worry your pretty head about that. If you follow our tips, you will be in and out in no time:

* Once you’ve entered the nearest betting shop, get your hands on an empty betting slip, these tend to be found in holders located all around the shop. Pull out your lucky pen and head to the closest empty desk.

* Now it’s time to make some decisions – do you want to put all your eggs in one basket? In other words, should you bet on a specific horse to win it all or do you want to choose an each-way bet? An each-way bet means that the horse must finish in the top four for you to win. These types of bets cost more because you are betting that the horse will win and place. You may also be interested in learning that there are some bookies that will payout to the sixth place, but you won’t know unless you ask.

* Now that you have decided the type of bet you want to place, it’s time to make your choice. Write down your take, the name of the horse (or horses), the course and the time of the race.

* Take your slip to the counter and give the clerk your money. By default, your odds on the specific horse you chose will be dependent on the official starting price. Still, tell the clerk that you want to “take the price” when you give him or her your slip. This ensures that you will be privy to the specific odds that you placed originally, no matter if they drop when the race looms ever nearer. In other words, you will still get the larger odds.

* Once you’ve given the clerk your slip and the money, you will receive a copy. Keep it safe because you will need it to claim your winnings.

Heading Online

If you are like me and think that the steps above sound like too much effort, it’s possible for you to place your bet without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Furthermore, a lot of online bookmakers offer new customers either free bets or enhanced odds.

Signing up is as easy as filling in a few details, like your name, address, and banking information. Additionally, you will have to place some money into your online account or you won’t be able to place a bet.

Once you’re done with the simple steps, all you must do is choose your horse, fill out a bet slip with how much you want to wager and confirm your bet.

Good luck!

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