2022 Boxing Picks – Our Expert Boxing Picks & Predictions

Our expert boxing picks can give you an edge when betting on the biggest fights of the year. This page is our dedicated hub for boxing picks and predictions. Bookmark this page and return regularly to find links to our latest boxing picks from renowned handicappers.

You can also keep reading to learn more about how we make boxing picks. We have broken down the key betting options available on boxing matchups, and we have also highlighted the best site for betting on boxing.

The Latest Boxing Picks Today

This section is updated with the latest boxing picks from our experts. We provide write-ups of all the biggest fights each month, featuring detailed analysis on each boxer’s style, attributes and weak spots. We will also provide picks on how the fights will unfold, along with links to the trustworthy sportsbooks offering the best odds on those picks.

The Sports Daily’s Boxing Expert Picks & Predictions

Most boxing picks simply focus on who will win the fight. However, you often need to go a little deeper to find value, particularly when one boxer is the heavy favorite. Fortunately, there are lots of wagering options at your disposal, and we make full use of them when providing our free boxing picks. These are the key bets you can place:

Moneyline Boxing Picks

This is a simple wager on the outcome of the fight. Some sportsbooks offer odds on the three potential outcomes: Fighter A to win, Fighter B to win, or a tie. However, most sites simply offer odds on either fighter to win, and they grade your bet as a push if it ends in a tie. That means you get your money back.

The betting sites release their moneyline odds based on each fighter’s perceived chances of winning the bout. There is normally a favorite and an underdog. Just place a wager on the fighter you expect to win, but check out our expert boxing picks first. We study both fighters in exhaustive detail and run extensive simulations before releasing our boxing predictions.

Over/Under Rounds Boxing Picks

This is a straightforward bet on the number of rounds there will be in a fight. The sportsbooks will set a line, such as 6.5 rounds, with odds on “over” and “under”. You just bet on whether you think the fight will end before that point or go over the line. Our boxing picks can help. We crunch the numbers and map out how the fight could unfold before making total rounds predictions.

To Go the Distance Boxing Picks

We will give out boxing picks on whether the fight will go the distance if we see value on this market on a particular fight. It is a simple prediction on whether the bout will go to the judges’ scorecards. If we think two fighters will cancel one another out during the fight and the odds look tempting, we will suggest this as an option.

Round Betting Boxing Picks

Round betting allows you to specify the precise round in which a fighter will get the win. For example, betting on Tyson Fury to beat Deontay Wilder in the 11th round of their trilogy fight in 2021 would have earned you a far larger profit than simply wagering on the Gypsy King to win. Our boxing picks may occasionally focus on this market, particularly if we can see a fight ending in a first-round or second-round knockout.

Group Round Betting Boxing Picks

Group round betting is a little easier than specific round betting. It allows you to specify a group of rounds in which a fighter will get the job done. For example, you could have earned a great price by betting on Canelo Alvarez to beat Billy Joe Saunders in Rounds 6-8. Group round betting is a great way to get more value on a favorite, so we will often focus on this with our boxing picks.

Method of Victory Boxing Picks

This bet earns you more value than a simple moneyline by requiring you to specify how a fighter will win. For example, you could have bet on Brandon Glanton to beat Efetobor Apochi via a decision. This is another excellent way to extract more value when betting on combat sports, so it often features in our boxing picks. You can bet on either fighter to win via knockout (including TKO, DQ) or on points (including unanimous or split decisions).

What are Boxing Picks?

Boxing picks are predictions on how a fight will unfold. Anyone can make boxing picks, but the best predictions tend to come from professional handicappers that know the sport inside out.

Some handicappers give out boxing picks for free. Others sell their boxing picks. It is worth establishing a handicapper’s credentials before paying for any boxing picks. Many boxing picks focus on moneylines, but they can also cover the various betting markets that we have broken down on this page.

Boxing Picks and Parlays

Parlays allow you to combine predictions on multiple fights into a single wager. Each prediction within the parlay is referred to as a leg. Every leg must prove correct for the parlay to succeed. You can generate large payouts by compiling successful parlays, so they are popular among boxing fans. For example, let’s say you like four boxing picks:

  • Isaac Chamberlain to beat Chris Billiam-Smith (+160)
  • Ali Eren Demirezen to beat Adam Kownacki (-150)
  • Eliot Chavez vs. Harlem Eubank – over 8.5 rounds (+105)
  • Sergiy Derevyanchenkko vs. Joshua Conley – over 8.5 rounds (-115)

If you had $40 to play with, you could place four individual $10 wagers. If they all paid off, you would earn $41.87. However, if you combined them for a four-leg parlay, and you spent $40 on it, you would receive $624.32 in profit. The winnings from each successful leg carry over to the next leg, so the payout compounds.

Handicappers do not normally give our parlays when delivering boxing picks. However, you can easily combine your favorite boxing picks to create a parlay.

How we Make Boxing Picks and Predictions

We focus on a few key pillars when devising our boxing picks and predictions:

Analyze the Boxing Styles

It is all too easy to simply focus on each fighter’s win-loss record and make boxing picks accordingly. That sort of approach is a surefire way to incurring a long-term loss. A fighter’s overall record is certainly important, but it is more pertinent to figure out how and why he or she won on each occasion.

By assessing the respective styles of the two fighters, we can map out how an upcoming bout will unravel. There are four broad styles – swarmer, out-boxer, slugger, and boxer-puncher – but our experts can break each fighter’s style down even further and work out who will dominate the fight and how the expected winner is likely to prevail. This helps them spot weaknesses in the lines and identify when the sportsbooks have overvalued or undervalued a fighter.

Consider Key Stats

There are lots of key stats we can use when conducting advanced analytics and simulations to anticipate how a fight will develop. Punches thrown, punches landed, jabs per round and power punches per round against fighters of a similar style and quality to the upcoming opponent can help, for example, but you also need to factor in variables such as age, stamina and general prowess, so a combination of stats and gut instinct can be valuable.

Find Value

It is vital to find valuable markets when delivering boxing picks and placing wagers. We would not be very useful to bettors if we simply gave out -1000 or -1500 moneyline picks each week. It is important to decipher when a favorite deserves that status and when an underdog could cause an upset.

When we believe a heavy favorite is highly likely to win, we can focus on markets such as method of victory and group round betting to provide valuable picks. It is also crucial to hunt out the best odds from reputable sportsbooks on each wager, as that can make the difference between a long-term profit or loss when betting on boxing.

Where to Find Boxing Expert Picks

The Sports Daily is the ultimate source of expert boxing picks. Bookmark this page to find the best boxing picks each week. If you would like a second opinion, or boxing picks on a fight we have not covered, YouTube is a great source. There is also a strong Twitter community of boxing handicappers to delve into.

Some sportsbooks give out boxing picks too. Check out their YouTube channels or their blogs to see who the experts they have commissioned are backing. Just make sure you research the handicappers credentials before tailing the boxing picks.

Best Boxing Betting Sites

Our experts set out to find the best boxing betting sites in the world right now. They weighed up the comparative strengths of more than 100 sportsbooks, and we ultimately decided that these are the best all-round sites for betting on boxing picks:


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