People who really want to have a good time won't come to a slaughterhouse.


18 Nov 19

Last Thursday was sadly such a microcosm of the Chargers’ season.  Yes, the offensive line was once again in shambles as a pass rush that (…)

06 Nov 19

While I know I said that the “most Chargers” thing to do would be to beat Green Bay and lose to Oakland, I did not expect them to (…)

26 Oct 19

I actually posted this title before last week’s game in Tennessee.  Even I didn’t think that they’d lose the game that way.  Actually, as (…)

15 Oct 19

I will wait until Friday to write about how bad the Chargers are, but wanted to take the time to thank people for the OVERWHELMING response (…)

23 Aug 19

Oh 2004, you seem even farther away than 15 years.  DeQuincy Scott, there’s a blast from the past.  Back then we were just happy to (…)