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Playing the blame game


28 Jun

There has been a lot of speculation about the Twins as we reach what is really going to be the last chance for the Twins to turn their (…)

20 May

Spring Training was full of optimism for the Twins and their fans. There was some threat that the White Sox would push for the AL Central (…)

06 May

Hold on, I need to go outside and scream for a bit before we get going here. OK, let’s get into this. Coming into tonight’s game, the Twins (…)

16 Apr

April 15th, as it is in most years (2020 excluded, naturally) is Jackie Robinson Day, the day Major League Baseball remembers the man (…)

30 Mar

This site is mostly circling around Alex Kirilloff and Randy Dobnak now, but I suppose in spring, you are left to look to the future, even (…)

08 Mar

April has long been a bit of baseball purgatory. Teams don’t really have their identity figured out, despite spring training lasting for (…)

04 Mar

The Twins, and particularly GM Thad Levine, have made a point of seeking players that have positional flexibility. They haven’t (…)

28 Feb

The White Sox made a lot of headlines for their early offseason acquisitions. It started with a trade for Lance Lynn, which seems a (…)

09 Feb

When I was researching around the Twins’ signing of Andrelton Simmons, I came across Keith Law’s evaluation of the top 100 prospects in (…)