CBD Products for Athletes - Do they work?

CBD Products for Athletes - Do they work?

CBD Products for Athletes - Do they work?

CBD is a booming industry right now. With more and more countries legalising either the full use of recreational cannabis, or just the extract used in supplements, more and more people are becoming aware of its benefits and less worried about the stoner stigma the leaf had for so long. CBD for athletes is now a big part of the supplement industry, and according to the science it is with good reason.

Athletes have long been aware of the potential use of cannabis as a form of treatment for pain, anxiety and as a way to promote recovery.

Big names in the fitness industry are now publicly backing cannabis, and not just CBD, as something they wouldn’t be without. Think Joe Rogan, outspoken comedian and UFC commentator, but also an athlete in his own right. Dedicating masses of time to training.

But, does the extract from the cannabis plant, and not just smoking a joint actually have any evidence it could work for athletes?

With everyone clambering to get a piece of this quickly growing industry, it seems the wealth of products might be on the verge of outweighing tangible scientific facts. But, there is still lots of potential in this product, if you know what to look for.

An Overview of CBD’s Effects

CBD is now touted online for its anti-inflammatory, anti anxiety and even fat loss properties.

But what does science say CBD actually does and is it something that you will benefit from?

CBD is already in your body and comes as part of the endocannibinoid system (ECS) which plays a role in neuron regulation.  The ECS is thought to be something that regulates homeostasis (or the balance of internal stability inside an organism, this can relate to blood pressure, temperature etc). Your ECS plays a role in homeostasis by ensuring a balance in neurotransmitters.

If an athlete were to push themselves hard and run for a huge distance, this stress would leading to feelings of pain due to the ECS not being able to handle the amount of neurotransmitters firing, supplementing CBD though, may bring this level back under control and reduce the pain felt and impact inflammation.

Physiologically CBD can also serotonin receptors, which can also help alleviate feelings of anxiety and improve your mood.

Research into CBD is still ongoing though, as it was heavily regulated and illegal in most areas until very recently. But the future does look very promising.

CBD as an Anti Inflammatory

Athletes the world over consume things like ibuprofen to help alleviate inflammation from long periods of training. Recently though, more and more people are becoming aware that these drugs can be potentially harmful. And so are being advised against it.

Enter CBD, CBD has been found to offer a way to get rid of any pain and inflammation without any of the risk associated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Because of CBD’s ability to help regulate neurotransmitters, it’s extremely promising as an anti inflammatory and science has also begun to back this up.

One study [1] conducted on subjects who experienced pain due to malignant diseases, found that 15 of the 18 subjects studied had a significant reduction in their levels of pain, so much so the findings were actually deemed ‘clinically important’. You’ve got to note that this study included THC, the psychoactive cannaboid though, so more research is needed into other parts of CBD.

CBD and Weight Loss

You might associate cannabis with the munchies, but there has actually been a fair bit of research done into CBD and weight loss, something which could prove useful to athletes who have to undergo an extensive weight cut for competition.

Whilst research is new, and there is a proportion of it that’s been done on animal subjects, without the THC it seems that there is some promising evidence that CBD can help block the production of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for feelings of hunger. It’s early days yet, but of course some products are popping up online to take advantage of this potential benefit.  

Combine this with some evidence suggesting it can target brown fat tissues in the body and you begin to understand why CBD has become such a huge business in the last couple of years. And why athletes are turning towards it. That said though, the business isn’t without fault. And there is still some risk carried with CBD supplements.

Legality of CBD

If you are a competitive athlete then you might be wondering if you can actually supplement CBD and not get done on a doping violation. Well, it’s good news, as in 2018 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from their list of banned substances. The US has also followed suit, however, it’s not as clear cut as you might think.

CBD may be free for athletes to use, but anything that contains THC or synthetic cannabis will flag as a positive. To be absolutely sure you are not going to wind up in trouble, we fully recommend double checking any product you might be considering and also getting recent test results from the company you order CBD from. This will show you the amount of THC in a product.

It’s also important to check the laws in your particular state or country, as you don’t want to wind up spending a load of cash on something only to find that it gets trapped in customs.

The FDA Laws and CBD

Things are still slightly up in the air with the FDA and CBD supplementation. Whilst supplementation is completely safe for people and athletes, and has scientifically proven benefits, it’s important to remember, as we mentioned above, that you buy a product that has clear low levels of THC and a clear line of contact.

This way you know you are buying a legitimate product and can experience the massive benefits of CBD as an athlete, without worrying. The FDA are looking at ways to enforce rules to avoid sellers making massive claims like ‘CBD cures cancer’, which is a little crazy, and is likely false.

Which Sports Athletes Should Use CBD?

CBD is something that has such a massive umbrella of effects that near enough any athlete can benefit from supplementation. Generally, it’s been used by MMA fighters and ultra marathon and endurance runners in the past. As it’s perfect to alleviate pain and inflammation and also promote a good recovery.

But, since it became promoted to legal status with WADA, it’s been adopted by Crossfit athletes, bodybuilders, high profile NFL Players and even some baseball players have begun to wake up to it’s benefits.

Athletes who benefit most from CBD Supplementation:

  • High impact sports
  • Endurance sports
  • Weightlifters
  • Competitive athletes

It doesn’t just stop there though, CBD is something that, if you get the right product, can benefit near enough anyone. Thanks to the major influence it can have over the endocannibinoid system that all humans have.

Another major reason why so many sports and athletes are turning to CBD is due to it’s ability to be safely stacked alongside nearly every supplement. Meaning you’re not worrying about high doses or interactions, just supporting athletic performance even further. Using a full natural plant extract with minimal side effects.

CBD for Athletes: The Final Word

CBD is new. There is still so much research to do surrounding on all of its potential effects, both for athletes and for everyday use. But, results are promising. CBD, even without THC plays a major role on a pretty important area of your brain, the endocannibinoid system.

Because of this, the effects of CBD aren’t to be sniffed at and studies are slowly coming to light showing some good evidence to back up claims made across the internet.

That said, CBD is something that has risen to popularity very quickly, so if you are thinking about diving in, check your supplier. Check that what you are buying is extremely low in THC (around 0.2%) and check back with us to let us know how you get on.

CBD for Athletes: Recommended Product – ShredCBD

If you’re looking to try CBD, then the product market can be a bit of a minefield. Avoiding shitty blends and false drug tests can be a big problem.

One way to ensure you are getting a legal product without any THC content is to look for something that contains as little THC as possible. ShredCBD is a premium supplement used for both weight loss, and by athletes.

It also contains under under 0.01% THC. Completely removing any chance of psychoactive effects.

The best CBD product for athetes – ShredCBD.

ShredCBD is a premium supplement (around $66) that offers excellent customer service, a trustworthy and clean product that is regularly tested and is dosed to ensure you get the absolute best benefits from supplementation.

It also contains some other natural ingredients to promote fat metabolism and overall health.

Reviews call ShredCBD a supplement that can stave off unwanted weight whilst also helping keep you lean with a blend of 2 other natural fat burning (and anti oxidant filled) ingredients.

It hammers down cortisol, improving recovery, mentality and overall athletic performance and is easy to take with just 2 capsules per day. Demand is soaring for CBD, and athletes are tending to avoid risky CBD brands and focus on trustworthy and tested products like ShredCBD.

Visit ShredCBD.com to find out more.

[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5922297/