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Choose the best pitching machine

Practice in baseball and softball is important just like in other sports. As such, you should invest in the best practice machine and gear, particularly if you are interested in taking up the sport as a career. With the right pitching machine, it becomes easy to advance and perfect your playing skills and become a competent baseball/softball player. When looking for the best machine to purchase, there are certain considerations worth making. These include:

Design and type of pitching machine

Whether you are a pro player or an amateur trying out your hand in baseball, you should find a machine that is uniquely designed and suited to meet your playing needs. This requires you to undertake a broad research to identify the machine that is right for you; and one that will favor your playing style. The common designs and types of these machines include wheel operated machines and compressed air machines. The former is operated using wheels and come with an added advantage in that their speed can be varied to suit your playing style. Dual wheel machines are specially designed for professional players as they offer superb ball control and superior precision. Compressed air machines on the other hand are ideal for youthful players as they are generally safe, as they do not have any external moving parts.

Power source

The type of power used in running pitching machines determines several aspects including portability of the machines and ease of use. Manual machines are powered by the hands and are exceptionally portable. However, they have a limited speed range and height thereby making them only ideal for use by young players. Electricity powered machines are the best pitching machines for pro players as they offer better ball control, massive throwing speeds, and superb precision. However, their functionality is limited as they can only be used in pitches with the power connection.

Balls and ball speeds

Ensure that the pitching machine of preference is compatible with the type of balls you use including regulation leather balls. If you are purchasing the machine for youth practice, ensure that the machine is compatible with light practice balls. The ball speed of the machine is yet another important consideration. Low-speed machines are ideal for youth players only while high-speed machines (45-100mph) are perfect for experienced players. However, caution should be taken when using high-speed machines, as they are potentially dangerous if safety procedures are not observed. Go choose the best pitching-machine for tips on how to settle on the best ball speeds for you


 Make sure that you only purchase pitching machines from trusted brands. Such machines come with a warranty and guarantee on parts thereby making it possible for the machine to be repaired or replaced if it becomes faulty within the warranty period. Overall, the brand of machine to buy should address your playing needs and present you with a fruitful and playing session. Additionally, the brand of choice should suffice your playing demands and aspirations.

If you practice with another player, then you should get a machine that is ideal for use by more than one player. Generally, determining and identifying the right-pitching machine may be tasking but with an idea on what to look for in the machines, it becomes a lot easier and less confusing.

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