College Football Futures Odds Explained – Guide How To Win College Football Futures Bets

While the week-to-week betting of college football gets much of the mainstream attention, betting on college football futures is a great way to profit from one of America’s most popular sports. Though the perception is you can only bet on college football futures before the season, the reality is the NCAAF futures market resets each and every week.

We are going to look at a few other misconceptions, how college football futures bets work, how the market is shaping up this season, some tips to cash in on the market, and more details of all things CFB futures. Let’s dive in.


The Latest College Football Futures Odds

Through two weeks of the 2022-23 college football season, we’ve seen Georgia overtake Alabama for the shortest odds on the futures board. Sitting as low as +175 at BetOnline, the Bulldogs have looked like the most impressive team from top to bottom at this point. The season is long, however, and we can expect a ton more movement from here on in.

Team BetOnline XBet MyBookie BetUS Bovada
Alabama +200 +200 +200 +200 +200 +200
Ohio State +400 +310 +310 +300 +300 +400
Georgia +175 +200 +210 +205 +200 +175
Clemson +1200 +900 +900 +900 +1000 +1200
USC +1400 +1750 +1750 +1800 +2500 +1400
Texas A&M +2200 +2100 +2100 +2500 +2500 +2200
Notre Dame +5000 +5600 +5600 +5000 +4500 +5000
Michigan +4500 +4100 +4100 +5000 +4000 +4500
Oklahoma +2500 +3700 +3700 +4500 +9000 +2500
Texas +3300 +5200 +5200 +6000 +5000 +3300

What Is a College Football Futures Bet?

A college football futures bet is a wager in which a bettor can place money on where a respective team (or player) will finish by the end of the season. In the example of the table noted above, you are betting on a team to win the National Championship for the current season. While odds are posted in the days after the previous season ends, college football future bets from the public shape the market all the way up until the first kickoff of the season. As soon as the first weekend of games ends, the college football futures markets reopen with adjusted odds based on the first week’s results.

It’s not just teams that make up the college football futures market, however, as there is also one for players and the end-of-season awards. For example, who will win college football’s most coveted trophy, The Heisman, has turned into a popular NCAAF football futures market. Additionally, you can make a college football futures bet on teams to win their conference, and make the College Football Playoff (CFP), and whether or not they will win a certain number of games.

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How do College Football Futures Odds Work?

Unlike the week-to-week college football betting on spreads, money lines, and totals, college football futures are not graded (paid out) until the very end of the season. That doesn’t mean they don’t change, however. When a season ends and oddsmakers are formulating the following season’s college football futures, they are taking into account how a team’s season just ended, what players are likely returning, how the incoming class looks, and the perception from the public of how good a team should be in the future.

Almost immediately, respected bettors (and the general public) start betting on those betting numbers, which causes the oddsmakers to adjust them. Sportsbooks are adjusting those numbers to limit their exposure should a heavily bet longshot end up winning, as well as to entice money to flow in on certain teams not receiving initial action. This cycle of betting and adjusting happens all the way up to the opening night of the following college football season, re-adjusting each week until the College Football Playoffs begin on New Years’ Eve.

Here’s how things started, and how they are already shaping up, for the 2023 college football futures National Championship market.

College Football Futures Bet Example

National Championship 2022-23 Odds

Team Opening Odds Current Odds
Alabama +150 +200
Ohio State +250 +290
Georgia +500 +175
Clemson +1400 +1200
Oklahoma +1400 +4000

How are College Football Futures Bets Paid Out?

Let’s take a closer look at the above example featuring the top five teams in the current college football futures 2023 market for the National Championship. A bettor who placed $100 that Clemson would win the 2023 National Championship when the odds opened, will win $1,400 should they get there. That same wager after two weeks, is now worth just $1,200, as the market has adjusted in favor of Clemson. Conversely, if any other team wins, that wager is lost.

As an example of the odds moving against you, Oklahoma backers when the college football futures market opened in January got Oklahoma at +1400 as well. Now, however, a $100 bet on Oklahoma (+4000) to win the National Championship in 2023 would pay out $4,000 (100 x 40). As you can see, if you have a conviction Oklahoma can get the job down, now is a much better time to get in your NCAAF future on the Sooners.

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How to Place a College Football Futures Bet

To learn how to place a college football futures bet, let’s head over to one of the best sportsbooks in the world over at BetOnline.

1. Sign Up for an Account

To begin the signup process, go to the green “Join” button in the top right corner of the main page. Enter the following data once there.

BetOnline registration page

2. Add Funds to Your Account

Once your account has been set up, you may start adding money to it so you can start betting. Navigate to the green deposit button in the top right corner of the home screen. The alternatives available to you from this point on include Bitcoin, Credit Card (9.75% charge), Echeck, and Altcoins. Each has a minimum deposit range of $0 to $25 and a maximum deposit range of $0 to $500. Choose the solution that best suits your needs, then adhere to the on-screen directions.

BetOnline deposit methods

3. Select Your College Football Futures Bet

It’s time to place your bet now that you have money in your account. Go to the sports area by selecting it from the home screen’s upper left corner. Once there, select Football > NCAA Futures from the left-side menu. The available college football futures are presented in the last column, running from left to right.

BetOnline College Football futures bets

4. Choose your Bet Amount

When you’ve found the college football future you want to bet on, click the number. Then, look at the bottom of the screen, where you’ll see two boxes labeled “Risk” and “Win,” both of which have $0.00 in them.

BetOnline College Football futures bet

From here, type a value into one field, and the other will automatically fill in the appropriate value. Here is an illustration of a $100 (risk) wager.

BetOnline College Football futures bet

5. Place Bet

Now that you’ve found the college football future and have chosen the amount you want to risk, all that’s left to do is place the wager.

BetOnline place College Football futures bet

As you wait for the season to end, the money will be deducted from your account when the wager is put in. If the wager is successful, your account at BetOnline‘s sportsbook will be credited with the sum of the staked and won amounts after the season is over.

Advantages of College Football Futures Bets

Unlike the week-to-week grind of betting college football moneylines, spreads, or totals, college football futures bets offer some different advantages. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of those advantages.

  • Set and Forget

While betting on a weekly basis requires staying on top of what’s happening in the college football landscape, college football futures often don’t. Once a CFB future bet is placed prior to the season, bettors can just tune in each week to see how their respective team is doing.

  • Offseason Prep Wins

Another advantage of college football futures bets is you can do your analysis and research in the offseason as you have time. Because the offseason runs from January to August, you have more runway to plan accordingly; instead of the day-to-day attention weekly betting requires.

  • Straight Forwardness

There is no extra knowledge to learn such as understanding point spreads or totals, and you are instead simply betting whether or not a team will win their conference, a National Championship, etc. Also, the same rules typically apply from sport to sport as they do with college football futures in terms of how winners are graded.

Latest College Football News and Rumors

Our Top 5 Tips for How to Win a College Football Futures Bet

As with anything you are putting your cold, hard, post-tax dollars on, there’s a lot to think about when deciding to place a college football futures bet. And as with most things, the often best-prepared bettors win the most bets. Today, let’s dive into a few of our best tips for how to win a college football futures bet.

1. Shop for the Best CFB Futures

With the legalization of sports betting here in the United States, and the numerous offshore sportsbooks, there is no shortage of places to bet. Because of the competition, different sportsbooks will offer different prices on teams. This rings especially true in the college football futures win totals market, as different outlets will even post different numbers altogether. It’s critical, for long-term success, to shop around at different sportsbooks to find the best price available.

2. Bet on Coaching Staffs

While quarterbacks and defenses can win you individual games on their own, the best coaching staffs often are at the heart of long-term success. When betting on NCAAF futures, make sure you are taking a look at the track record of the coaching staff involved.

3. Analyze Schedule in Full

This one mainly applies to betting college football futures win totals but take a look at how a team’s schedule stacks up. If a team has back-to-back weeks of playing high-level opponents, odds are, they are going to lose one of those games. Also take a look at where their bye week falls, as teams that are off the week before a big game come into that matchup more rested. Home and away also comes into play in college football futures, as conference foes alternate seasons when it comes to visiting each other.

4. High School Rankings

When a team has a lot of young players especially, it’s a good idea to look at how highly rated they were coming out of high school. Especially at quarterback and linebacker, players rated as five stars coming out of high school often make impacts right away. This becomes particularly important in the early part of the season when there is little else to draw off of.

5. Pick a Smaller Conference

While much of the sports betting landscape focuses on the major conferences and teams such as Alabama (SEC) and Clemson (ACC), that is rarely where the value lies. Instead, take a look at smaller conferences such as the Sun Belt and MAC, as the teams are lesser known and hard research wins out. Oftentimes, the best college football futures bets are on teams such as Marshall, Appalachian State, and Texas State.

The Sports Daily College Football Futures Picks

Just like betting week to week in college football, having a resource to get information on betting CFB futures is key for success. Some of the best college football futures bets you can make are ones chosen by professionals who study the sport and teams involved on a daily basis all year round.

Whether you are betting on 2023 college football futures or into the updated markets each week, the smallest of edges can make the difference. Unless you have the dedicated time to dive into the numbers and team news, finding an experienced team of handicappers can often be the difference between winning and losing.

To find out more about what we can offer and other college football futures picks, be sure to visit our college football picks page.

How do College Football Futures Bets Work with Live Betting?

While you can bet week to week into the NCAA football futures markets, there is no live betting in the truest sense like there is with point spreads, totals, and moneylines. That doesn’t mean college football futures don’t have a lot to offer, however.

The Best Sportsbooks for College Football Futures Odds

No matter if you’re a small or big-time bettor of college football, it’s critical to have multiple outlets (sportsbooks) to get your action in. Whether it’s shopping for the best price or looking for the best sign-up offer, we’ve put together the best college football betting sites in the world for you to choose from. Make sure to check it out for the best sportsbooks for college football futures odds that you can find.

  • All
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