College Football Totals Odds Explained – Guide How To Win College Football Totals Bets

While moneylines and point spreads allow bettors to pick a side in a given matchup, college football totals disregard who wins or loses a game. Also known as a college football over-under, college football totals instead focus on how many points are scored in a given game.

Let’s take a closer look at all things involving college football totals, touching on how to bet college football totals, things to consider when getting involved in them, some common misconceptions, and the top tips when looking for advantages in betting college football totals. Time to dive in. 

What Is a College Football Totals Bet?

A college football totals bets, also known as an over-under bet, is a bet that involved adding together two teams’ scores, and betting whether they sum to over, or under, a pre-set number. Unlike more common college football bets, such as the moneyline or spread, a college football totals bet disregards who wins the game completely. 

 With college football total bets, the predetermined number is released by sportsbooks at the same time as the point spread and moneyline. From there, like the spread, the number moves up and down all the way up to kickoff depending on where the money flows. 

How do College Football Totals Odds Work?

A college football total is set with a number of factors in mind, mainly focused on the number of points sportsbooks project each team to score. The higher paced the teams involved in a given game and the more efficient their offenses (and defenses), the higher (or lower) the total will be.

While not always the case, college football totals odds combined with spreads often indicate what sportsbooks expect the final score to be. In the example noted below, sportsbooks are projecting Georgia to beat Alabama by a score of 26-23, as Georgia is favored by three, and the score sums to 46 points. 

College Football Totals Bet Example 

Team Spread Total
Alabama +3 (-110) o46 (-110)
Georgia -3 (-110) u46 (-110)

How are College Football Totals Bets Paid Out?

College football totals wagers are paid out once the event has ended and been graded, just like all other sports wagers. In the scenario above, successful over bettors and winning under bettors will both be paid out at odds of -110.

The odds for the college football total are typically -110 on both sides, unlike the moneyline where the odds vary greatly.  In sports betting at large, the sportsbook sets the odds at -110 when it assumes a near 50% chance that both outcomes will occur. If a wager is at -110, it signifies that the bettor must stake $110 in order to earn $100. No matter how much money you bet—$100,000 or $10—the same principle applies.

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How to Place a College Football Totals Bet

Let’s head over to one of the top online sportsbooks at BetOnline and understand just how to place a college football totals bet.

1. Sign Up for an Account

 Once on the home page, navigate to the upper right-hand corner and find the green ‘Join’ button. Once there, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the sign-up process.

BetOnline registration page

2. Add Funds to Your Account

Now that your account is created, it’s time to add money to start placing your bets. Navigating back to the home screen, find the green deposit button in the upper right corner. Once selected, you’ll be given the choice to deposit via Bitcoin, Credit Card (9.75% fee), Echeck, and various Altcoins. No matter your selection, you will find that there are minimum deposits varying from $0 to $25, with maximums from $0 to $500. Choose the route that works best for you and follow the on-screen prompts.

BetOnline deposit methods

3. Select Your College Football Totals Bet

With your account loaded with money, the time has come to place your bet. First off, head to the sports section in the upper left-hand corner of the main screen. From there, still on the left, navigate to Football > NCAA > NCAA Football Game. In the furthest column to the right, you will see college football totals listed for all available games.

4. Choose your Bet Amount

Once you have your college football total selected, choose the number and navigate to the bottom of the screen where there is a “Risk” and “Win” box; both with $0.  

Once found, type an amount into one of the fields, and the other will auto-populate with the right value. Here is an example of a $110 (risk) wager.

5. Place Bet

All that remains now is placing the wager, and waiting for the game to complete.

Advantages of College Football Totals Bets

When it comes to making college football totals bets, there are a few advantages that the collegiate game has that other leagues and sports might not. Now that you have the basic knowledge of college football total, let’s discuss a few advantages to consider when making your wagers.

Lack of Parity

Unlike its professional counterpart (NFL) where for the most part, all of the athletes are within the same realm of ability, that isn’t the case in most matchups. Especially in non-conference play, schools that recruit better, have clear advantages in the talent department at key positions. 

When it comes to using this information in betting college football totals, those who know the teams best can have clear advantages. For example, if a team is stacked with five-star linebackers and their opponent lacks highly touted skill guys on offense, the under might be worth a long look. Conversely, a five-star quarterback with a host of four-star wide receivers could cause havoc on a defense filled with three-star guys.

Pace is King

When it comes to betting college football totals, the pace of the game is critical. Put simply, the pace of a game is the number of plays run by an offense, combined with their overall efficiency. 

Knowing the pace at which an offense (and defense) typically plays on average, is critical in setting college football totals. With that in mind, it should also be a key piece of your handicapping to dive into the details of both teams’ pace in recent games and over the course of a season.

Our Top Tips for How to Win a College Football Totals Bet

While it’s a difficult task to regularly be on the winning side of college football totals bets, knowing a few basic strategies is key for success. Now that you know the mechanics of how the over under works, let’s take a look at a few tips we’ve put together that should help with long-term success.

1. Look for the Best College Football Total

With 20+ states currently providing some form of legalized sports betting, plus even more internationally, competition is at an all-time peak. As a result, as a bettor, you should benefit from the various odds and totals that each sportsbook provides on each game. To discover the optimal odds for your side, check out a few different sportsbooks before placing your college football totals wager.

2. Coordinators

The offensive and defensive coordinators in college football routinely make the difference between whether the over or under is the best bet in a college football total. At many programs today, high-powered offenses are the team’s identity. Conversely, teams also bring head coaches that are former defensive coordinators (i.e. Brett Venables to Oklahoma), and you immediately see the defense improve. Take a look at coordinator matchups when looking at the best college football totals each week.

3. Quarterback is Key

There are few positions in all of sports betting that means more to both the point spread and total than the college football quarterback. With just a handful ready to play in the NFL each spring, the play of the quarterback is critical to determining the overall pace of a game. When making a college football total bet, be sure to check the recent performances of their QB, how he performs vs. this opponent, his health, and any other news surrounding him that week.

4. Weather is a Factor

With most games at the college level being played outdoors in the fall and winter, the weather is a factor in games almost every single week. Often, however, the market overreacts to things like snow and rain in the forecast, when statistically speaking it has meant little. Look for overreactions from weather reports in college football totals movement when placing your bet.

5. Injury Reports

No different than most kinds of sports betting, injury reports are key when deciding whether or not to bet on college football win totals. The difference with college football is very few teams outside of the blue bloods have much depth at any position. When considering which college football totals to bet, look at any key skill positions (QB, RB, LB) that have injuries and bet accordingly.

The Sports Daily College Football Totals Picks

Our team of expert handicappers is among the best in the business in choosing college football totals. Every week, they evaluate the most crucial games, delivering predictions and analysis before compiling their top picks to share with our followers.

When betting on college football totals or college football win totals, even the smallest advantages can make the difference between long-term winners and losers (pre-season). Our group of experts uses their years of experience to analyze team matches, weather predictions, situational benefits, the pace of play, offensive/defensive efficiencies, historical tendencies, and more to make predictions and offer insights every week.

Visit our college football picks page to get this week’s important matchup picks as well as other weekly 2024 college football total predictions.

How do College Football Totals Bets Work with Live Betting?

The appeal of live betting has increased along with the popularity of college football and sports betting in general. In light of this, let’s examine live betting in more detail as it relates to the college football point total.

  • The college football totals market is suspended following the start of the game until the first TV timeout.
  • Every time the clock stops during a break of e game, a total is released for live betting on your online sportsbook live betting section.
  • As you might expect, the live point total typically ebbs and flows with the pace (or lack thereof) of scoring.
  • The live college football also ebbs and flows with the initial total in mind, taking into account the oddsmakers’ pre-game notions about what they are seeing on-field.

The Best Sportsbooks for College Football Totals Odds

Whether you’re looking for the highest sign-up bonus or simply the best college football totals for a particular game, it’s crucial to compare the totals at different sportsbooks. In light of this, we have created a comprehensive list of the top college football betting sites for your convenience.

  • All
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  • Telegram Betting

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