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Could Errol Spence Jr. be the New Face of American Boxing?

Everyone who was around at the time remembers the pro boxing debut of gold medallist Sugary Ray Leonard. Newspapers were filled with stories of his training camps and he was on just about every news program before and after his eventual TV debut on CBS on Feb. 5, 1977. Leonard went on to become perhaps the greatest boxer ever and a major sports star of his time.

What does Errol Spence Jr. have to do with the debut of Sugar Ray Leonard? Well, many people compare the two stars, even though Leonard was a bigger star on his first day in the business than Errol is heading into the biggest fight of his life; a title fight with IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook.

It’s easy to understand why people make the comparisons between the two. Spence also got his start in the Olympics before going pro. Spence is just as big and powerful as Leonard. He also has the precise movements and timing that come with incredible footwork and a sharp mind that keeps him well ahead of his opponents.

The reason that Spence isn’t as popular as Leonard is because boxing just isn’t the same. British promoters and fans of boxing are doing what they can to make the sport important again, but that is going to take time. It’s impossible to deny that Spence is a phenomenal talent however. He’s built up an impressive 21-0 record, and many experts believe that he’s only going to get better.

Even his opponent Brook, who deserves all the credit in the world for being willing to fight elite opponents, understands that he’s facing a difficult challenge in Spence; even if American fans don’t see him as much of a threat.

Brook spoke highly of Spence, saying that he knocked out everyone else, but now he’s facing the champion. Brook believes in himself and trains hard, and he’ll be fighting even harder considering he’ll be in front of a home crowd at Sheffield.

One of the key differences between Errol Spence Jr. and Sugar Ray Leonard is the calibre of their opponents. Leonard fought some of the greatest of all time. Leonard’s record includes five wins and a draw against members of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Spence might have an impressive record, but he’s only ever fought one opponent holding a world title in Chris Algieri.

Spence could have taken an easier path if he had so chosen. He could have gotten a fight back in front of his own home crowd rather than fighting in front of Brook’s. He chose to go to Sheffield; Brook’s hometown instead. Where he will no doubt be met by 33,000 people who unanimously support Brook.

This could be a tough challenge for the promising young talent to overcome, particularly if the judges are swayed in Brook’s favor by the crowd. Spence, for his part, fully believes that he has the talent to score a big win in foreign territory against a great opponent. He had no problems accepting the fight.

Given that Spence is just 27 years old, if he won it would mark him as a promising under-30 star alongside Keith Thurman, Anthony Joshua, and Canelo Alvarez. Given all the young talent out there, it’s incredible to think where not just Spence, but boxing as a whole, will be in a few years time.

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