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Crime Family Sees Members Go To Prison Even As State Government Works Toward Legality

Gambling and sports seem to go together in America. One of the earliest, famous cases was Chicago’s involvement in the World Series in 1917. Kevin Costner’s 1989 movie, ‘Field of Dreams,’ centered around a member of the team, Shoeless Joe Jackson.

More recently, Pete Rose, a baseball great, was banned for life following accusations the 2nd baseman wagered on his team.

Possibility with an attitude of “if you can’t lick ‘em join ‘em,” New York state is looking again at legalizing sports betting.

The ‘Bad Guys’

On December 12, 2017, federal prosecutors lifted the cover on a 13-count indictment against six men connected to the Gambino. Another person, a member of the Bonanno crime family, was indicted for racketeer conspiracy, illegal sports gambling and obstruction of justice.

The charges against the group included criminal activity on Long Island and in Brooklyn between January 2014 and December 2017.

The gambling charges include illegal poker games, electronic gaming machines, and internet sports betting.

“The requests prove organized crime hasn’t gone anywhere,” said FBI Agent William Sweeney. “The crime families continue to plague our neighborhood with their disregard for anything except their greed.”

In additions to the sports gambling charges, the suspect distributed narcotics including cocaine and Xanax. Saladino and Salerno distributed quantities of the drugs including twelve distinct sales to an undercover cop.

Gambino Family

The Gambino crime family is one of “Five Families” which dominated organized crime in New York City. The family’s founder, Vincent Mangano, was murdered in 1951 by Albert Anastasia. Anastasia was himself shot and killed while getting a haircut at the Park Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan. Carlo Gambino orchestrated the hit with the help of Meyer Lansky The pair, Carlo and Meyer had controlled sports gambling in Cuba and was a niche they brought to the work in New York.

The family continues to be active in several criminal enterprises including gambling such as poker games, sports betting and ‘racinos.’

Poker Games

Some of Manhattan’s most prominent names in entertainment were swept up in 2013 during an FBI crackdown on underground power games run by the Gambino family in cahoots with Russian mobsters. The raid inside the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan charged dozens of people with criminal business centering around illegal poker games.

Sports Betting

Resorts World Casino in New York City owns one of the state’s racetrack casinos, aka ‘racinos.’ If the American Supreme Court opens the door to more sports betting, the behemoth is ready to move quickly in incorporating other athletics into the mix. Seeking to increase revenue which goes toward education and county budgets, legalized sports betting could happen as early as January 2020 and put another dent in the income stream of the Gambinos.

Gamble At Home And Save Gas Money

Arrested were John — Johnny Boy — Ambrosio who was caught telling someone there wasn’t need to head to a casino. “Stay and play right here,” Ambrosio said. “Save gas money.”

Along with Ambrosio were Frank — Frankie Bo — Salerno, Thomas Anzalone, Alessandro — Sandro — Damelio, Joseph Durso, Anthony Rodolico and Anthony Saladino.


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