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Daily Fantasy Baseball Mistakes That Happen Way Too Often

It seems that every single person playing daily fantasy baseball has a specific strategy. At the end of the day, scoring points is what is necessary. Daily rosters built have to score as many points as possible or at least some of the opponents have to be outscored. The problem is that in an attempt to score as much as possible, many players make mistakes. It is normal since making mistakes is what helps you to improve your game. According to, the most common mistakes noticed are the following.

Not Checking Lineups

Daily fantasy sports players tend to make this mistake in all sports, not just in baseball. We are talking about adding a player to the roster but that player is not actually playing the game. You will obviously not receive any point in this case. Rostering the players that are atop batting order offers one extra bat. If there are more changes to hit, there are many more chances to actually score points in the league. Check lineups before you buy the players.

Not Checking The Weather

Baseball is an outdoors sports. The weather will have a huge impact on the result. Most experienced daily fantasy baseball players will tell you that when the possibility to have rain is over 40% it is much better to remove all game hitters from the roster, together with pitchers.

A Failure To Understand The Main Stats

So many great tools are available for daily fantasy baseball players. You can always use a lineup optimizer like Also, dozens of websites with stats can be checked. The problem is that many that look at the stats do not really understand them. Also, there are so many stats available that people end up focusing way too much on those that are not really important. It does not matter what fancy metrics you know if you have no idea what stats are for walks, strikeouts and home runs. The statistics that are really easy to understand are those that need to be known and taken into account first for daily fantasy baseball.

The Wrong Starting Pitcher

What you are highly interested in is getting some guaranteed points. Pitching is where everything starts. You need to often forget the value pitcher or the really cheap rookie. You want to pay for the true pitching ace. That is because they will rarely disappoint and will get guaranteed points. Value pitchers can often blow up. This will drastically increase the possibility to cash on the daily matches.

Ace starting pitchers can be trusted. The possibility that they will do great is quite higher, especially when the pitcher plays at home against an opponent that is not that strong or is intimidated. Most of the daily fantasy baseball scoring will be driven by strikeouts, run-prevention, wins and innings. Exploiting the strikeout-probe teams while avoiding the others is not that difficult. It can also be the secret to true success in your daily fantasy baseball playing.

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