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Dave Dombrowski Under a Lot of Pressure after Firing Farrell

After winning 93 games and the AL East two seasons in a row, the Boston Red Sox fired manager John Farrell after the team got eliminated from the playoffs by the Houston Astros in five games.

Most teams would have retained a manager like Farrell, who led the Red Sox to a World Series title in 2013, but the Red Sox are a historical franchise that believe they should win the World Series every year so they decided to relieve Farrell of his duties.

With Farrell gone, the Red Sox odds for the next season will depend on who they bring in to manage the team.

At a press conference, general manager Dave Dombrowski said he decided to fire Farrell because the team was eliminated from the playoffs early in the past two seasons, which was unacceptable considering the talent they have on the team.

Farrell added that he had to run the plan through Red Sox owner John Henry first and was told by Henry that the decision was up to him.

Other than the fact the team got eliminated in the ALDS for the second year in a row, Dombrowski didn’t divulge a lot of information about why he decided to fire Farrell, who by all accounts was loved and respected by his players.

Instead, Dombrowski gave a vague response saying it was a combination of factors that led him to fire the team’s manager, adding that he wasn’t going to share his reasons with the press.

Now that Farrell is gone, Dombrowski if going to be under pressure to justify the firing, especially if things don’t go well next season.

When Farrell was managing the team, it was easier to blame him for the team’s failure. Now that he is gone, it is up to Dombrowski to prove he made the right decision or he will follow Farrell out the door very soon.

Even though Dombrowski blamed Farrell for the team’s postseason failure, Boston fans know the biggest reason they were eliminated early is because the team wasn’t very good offensively. As general manager, it was up to Dombrowski to make sure he brought in the right players to help the team win.

In fairness to the general manager, he has done a good job improving the team’s pitching rotation with acquisitions like Chris Sale and David Price.

However, he didn’t do a good job with the team’s batters, and it showed multiple times during the season when the team wasted great pitching performances by their pitching staff, especially sale, who would have won more than 20 games if some of his effort wasn’t wasted.

Another factor the Red Sox have to consider is the New York Yankees are set up to be dominant in the future, which means the Red Sox will need to spend some money on free agent bats this offseason if they plan on competing with the Yankees next season and beyond.

The Red Sox will also be competing with teams like the Cleveland Indians, who had offensive issues of their own this season, whi8ch means they might have to overpay to bring in some talent this offseason.

If they are unable to bring in some big names this offseason, don’t be surprised to read about the team parting ways with Dombrowski at the end of next season.

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