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Eagles Flying Atop the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles are an American professional football team. They are situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are part of the NFL (National Football League) where they compete in the East Divison of the NFC (National Football Conference). They were the champions of the NFL three times. They never won the Super Bowl even though they played two Super Bowl games. They lost them to the Oakland Riders in 1980 and the New England Patriots in 2004. Philadelphia Eagles are the only team in the East Divison of the National Football Conference that has never won a Super Bowl. That doesn’t stop folks from wagering on them at sites like

The team was founded in 1933. They were meant to be a replacement to the Frankford Yellow Jackets due to the bankruptcy of the Jackets. The grouš was behind Bert Bell who managed to make sure that the team gets and secures rights to an NFL franchise in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles are the team with one of the longest rivalry tradition against the New York Giants. The rivalry is one of the most intense in the league in general and especially in the North Divison of the National Football Conference where it is the oldest. It is rated four on Top 10 NFL rivalries of all-time. Besides New York Giants there is a strong rivalry between the Eagles and another two teams – Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. Rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys has grown more intense during the last 30 years.

Their fanbase is one of the strongest in whole NFL. They have sold out every single game since the 1999 season. Their fans rank better than almost all others when it comes to attendance and loyalty to the team. Attempts to rank such category as loyalty are done when you take into account correlation between the team’s performance and attendance of the fans. If the performance was worse than usual it is a common expectancy that more seats will remain empty after a period of time. However, this was not the case with the Eagles’ fans. They are just behind the Steelers who are also from Pennsylvania but more popular and present on the web.

Steelers are another great rivals to the team. They both come from Pennsylvania so it is probably a factor more to create the rivalry. Still, both teams are in difficult situations because they won’t get fans by just being based in the certain city. They are great competition to each other which is not often the case when talking about hometown fans.

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