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Evaluating Paxton Lynch’s preseason play so far

Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch had a nice debut for the team in the first week of the preseason. The 22-year-old looked confident against the Chicago Bears last Thursday night, but it will be some time before he’s holding down the starting quarterback job.

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Here’s an evaluation of the rookie’s preseason so far.

Big arm, effortless throws

Lynch made a number of nice throws in the game and showed off his arm strength with a couple of on-target passes outside the numbers. The Broncos didn’t have him throw over the top except for one time, which he overthrew but not by much. He finished the game 6-of-7 for 74 yards.

Outstanding footwork

The 6-7, 244-pound Lynch moved surprisingly well for a quarterback of his size. Not only did his footwork look outstanding on play-actions and traditional dropbacks, but he also avoided pressure by stepping up in the pocket to throw, which some young quarterbacks struggle with early on in their career. Credit the Broncos coaching staff for helping Lynch feel comfortable in an offense that was new to him.

Holding the ball too long

Lynch’s only crime against the Bears was holding the ball too long. He was sacked three times. It’s only the first preseason game, but the coaching staff has to teach Lynch to get rid of the ball more quickly. If it’s not there, then he needs to throw it away. On a positive note, he didn’t throw an interception.

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