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Famous Celebs that Support the Penguins

It’s unusual to see the worlds of WWE and NHL collide – especially when the WWE star in question is Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. But it seems that the Texas Showstopper has become a firm fan of our very own Pittsburgh Penguins.

Shawn Michaels, who was known as the Heartbreak Kid (HBK) during his WWE career, become interested in hockey after he discovered that the Penguins had their very own infamous HBK in Carl Hagelin, Nick Bonino and Phil Kessel – who are known as the HBK Line. Penguin’s fans campaigned for Michaels to attend Game 5 and the wrestler was even offered a ticket by former Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel, which Michaels tweeted to be an offer he couldn’t refuse. Unfortunately though, having two HBKs in the Consol Energy Center didn’t bring the Penguins enough luck to win as the team lost 4-23 to Tampa Bay Lightning in overtime.

shawn michaels tweet

Shawn Michaels isn’t the Penguins only celebrity fan though, the Pittsburgh team have a host of famous followers. Which is little wonder considering that 10% of bets placed on the outright winner for the Stanley Cup over the last five years were for the Penguins.

backed teams

Clearly a huge number of hockey fans are supporting the Penguins and placing bets on them.  You can do the same with Hockey odds Sweden on 10bet.

With such a massive fan base, the Penguins have fans from all over the world including these famous faces:

Russel Crowe

The Oscar winning actor has been a Penguins fan since way back in 1998 after he starred in a hockey movie called Mystery, Alaska. Coached by former Penguins player Jaromir Jagr, the hockey star famously told Crowe that he didn’t have the ankles to be a skater.

Joe Manganiello

Famed for his roles as a werewolf in True Blood and as a male stripper in Magic Mike, Manganiello is a Pittsburgh native who regularly takes time out of his busy Hollywood day job to make it home to see a Penguins game.

Michael Keaton

If you were to choose to have a celebrity fan, Batman himself would be pretty high on that list. Keaton, who has lived a large part of his life in Pittsburgh, is a big Steelers, Pirates and Penguins fan. In fact, Keaton even had a clause written into his Batman contract that allowed him to take a break from filming if the Pirates made the play-offs that year.

Taylor Swift

A Pennsylvania native, Taylor Swift is said to be a Pittsburgh Penguins fan – however fans aren’t keen to have her support due to the “Taylor Swift Curse”.  The superstition goes that once a NHL jersey is presented to Swift, then the team will have bad luck. Indeed, back in 2009 Swift was given a jersey from some Penguins players – just 4 years later none of those players still played for the team.

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