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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

The highly anticipated matchup between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is set to take place on the 27th of August 2017, and experts are weighing in as the two top fighters take each other apart on various platforms.

McGregor has been particularly brazen in his taunts, but the question remains –could he actually beat Mayweather in a boxing match? While he has outperformed his peers in terms of the MMA fights he has participated in, Floyd Mayweather is a totally different story, and they will be meeting on the latter athlete’s home ground.

The Pro-McGregor Camp is out in Full…

There are some supporters who feel that McGregor has a fighting chance, or that, at the very least, he would be able to give Mayweather a run for his money thanks to McGregor’s incredible striking ability. Although a lot of Mixed Martial Arts fighters are not particularly strong on the ground, McGregor’s left hand is one of his most dangerous weapons. He has managed to win many fights by making use of his first-rate boxing skills, and some people feel he may well be able to hold his own.

But the Majority are for Mayweather.

The vast majority, however, agree that McGregor doesn’t stand a chance in the upcoming boxing match against Mayweather. Although the latter’s striking skills have wiped out a variety of MMA fighters, it is unlikely that he will be able to land any punches on the greatest defensive boxer in history.

Mayweather has only been knocked down one time in a career spanning 49 fights. He has made his living from dodging punches, and these from some of the best boxers of his generation, and will likely have no problem fielding McGregor’s blows, especially since the latter will be making a transition to a sport he has zero experience with.

McGregor Remains the Extreme Long-Shot

Sports betting sites agree on McGregor’s long-shot status, with some going so far as to put at an underdog of +1 100. Mayweather would have odds in the region of -2 500, which would require gamblers to bet US$2 500 in order to see a return of just US$100!

When Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson back in 1990, however, in one of the biggest upsets in the history of boxing –he was a +4200 underdog. Stranger things have happened, and there is no doubt that there are bettors who will place a wager on the unlikely event of McGregor managing to bring Mayweather down.

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