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Football Love Stories

A football is a game that unites millions. In the literal sense of the word. You should just turn on the broadcast of the match or go to the stadium to experience a unique unity with people around the world. Sometimes, even on a physical level, one feels that your heart is beating in unison with hundreds, thousands, millions of other hearts. Of course, there are many love stories, born in this magical atmosphere. Relationships, appeared during a football match are particularly strong. Both ordinary fans and professional football players will tell you this. Football directly and indirectly affected the love stories of some of them.

Goran Popov, former defender of Dynamo Kiev and West Bromwich Albion, shared his story:

“I met my future wife nine years ago, when I was 17 years old. Her friends were my good acquaintances, and she was in their company. At first we communicated like friends, and six months later I wanted her to become my girlfriend. Then I still played in the Macedonian “Belasitsa”. I remember we had a match with “Rabotnicki”, and my friends and I agreed that if my team wins, we’ll go for a walk together in the evening. In my city Strumitsu just arrived some famous singer, and there should have been a disco with a swimming pool. In general, after the first half we won 4: 0, the victory was in our pocket, and I was already looking forward to a pleasant evening, but, as hard as it may seem, we eventually finished 4: 4. To say that I was upset is to say nothing. I returned home and told all my friends who called me dozens of times, that I would not go for a walk. My future wife, probably, was also not delighted with this and offered to meet and talk about my mood. Our love story began from that very moment. To be honest, the first months I did not think that she really liked me and I can  succeed.

We were dating for four years before I made a proposal to her. During this time I played in the Greek AEKe, the Serbian “Crvena Zvezda” and the Polish “Odre”. It was not easy to maintain a relationship at a distance, but I came to her as soon as I had next day off. When I returned to Greece, she moved to me, and eventually we decided to marry.”

Razvan Lucesku, a famous goalkeeper and football trainer, has his own cool love story:

May 9, in the midst of Victory Day (everything happened in Ukraine), a football player, passing through the city center by car ,saw a pretty girl in the crowd. She was with her parents. But this fact did not stop him.

“- He parked, went to my dad and asked if he can get to know me. Dad allowed, – recalls Julia. I had no idea who was this guy.” The only thing that I mentioned was his  accent. But Razvan made an impression on me.

Young people began to communicate – and very soon the mutual sympathy grew into love. They began to live together. And a year later Raz made a proposal to Julia.

– It was my birthday. Razvan came with a large bouquet of roses. And suddenly, instead of giving them, he turned on the video camera, – says the girl. – His Russian wasn’t ideal at that moment. He paused and said: “Apparently, I always want to be your man.” I pricked up – what does it mean “apparently”? He has doubts or what? I told him to remove the camera, but he continued to stand on one knee. He repeated it again, in right form this time. And I agreed. It turns out Razvan thought that the word “apparently” was more precise, that it would strengthen the effect. And all this circus is recorded on the camera!

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