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Four Ways Investing is Like Sports

There are many people who compare investing to sports. It can be any sport really, whether it’s baseball, football or even tennis. And, investing can be compared to the high you get when your favorite team wins. To illustrate, if you were to invest in penny stocks, you might pick a winner and feel as if you’ve just hit a homerun.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel that way on a consistent basis? Investing gives you the opportunity to rapidly increase your net worth in a way you could never do by working for someone else. Keep reading to learn more.

You Must Wait

There is a saying that some things are just worth waiting for, like investments. With time on your side, you might want to wait as your investments grow and grow. Well, think about baseball. There is a lot of standing around and waiting.

The same is true of golf. There isn’t much of a rapid movement until that moment you hit a homerun–then, everyone is running past the bases as quickly as they can. This can be compared to investing.

You wait for your picks to go up in price, when they do, especially if it is dramatic, that’s just like running past all the bases. You might have had to wait, but now, you are scoring–big time.

Keep an Even Keel

When you play golf, you aren’t jumping around, you aren’t trying to hit the ball into outer space. You just want the ball to get into the hole. To do that, you must have a consistent swing and an even pace. This is also true of investing for the long term.

You don’t move too much, but must maintain composure through thick and thin. This is about making strategic investments that will pay off in the long run. In the grand scheme of things, your investments will continue to grow.

Each Hit Must Count

Even in baseball, or golf, each hit and swing must count to stay ahead of the game. You might spend hours walking around or sitting in the dugout before you get your chance to hit the ball. Since you aren’t playing for anyone else but yourself, you can decide how much to invest and when.

This is part of the fun of investing–you are your own manager and boss. When you spend time carefully researching a company, this might be your time in the dugout. As you become more knowledgeable and experienced, your hits will become much stronger and more meaningful.

As a result, the benefits go up exponentially.


Every athlete, especially professional athletes, must train throughout the year. This is also true of investing–there is no off-season as you must continue learning and practicing. Like anything else, the more you engage in an action, the better you will get.

Plus, you will also build your confidence. Yet, it is always important to keep educating yourself on investment strategies.

Final Thought

Investing can give you the same high you get from succeeding at sports or from vigorously cheering on your favorite team. Still, before the rush will come a bit of waiting and training. Nonetheless, there is no need for dismay as knowledge, and the correct application, is what nets sizable profits.

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