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Fun Facts about the San Francisco Giants

For the 3rd time in just 5 years, the San Francisco Giants are once again the champions of the World Series. There is a lot of very interesting information about this dynasty of 21st century baseball. This article outlines the 5 earliest facts.

It All Began in 1883

The San Francisco Giants joined the National Baseball League back in 1883, albeit as the New York Gothams. They went on to win their 1st ever game, against Boston’s Beaneaters, at Upper Manhattan’s Polo Grounds.

The Gothams Become the Giants

The team was renamed the San Francisco Giants 2 years after their debut, in 1885. Rumour has it that player-manager Jim Mutrie praised his teammates after an exceptionally good victory by calling them his big fellows, his giants, and that is how their new moniker was born.

No Inter-League World Series in 1904

The San Francisco Giants were due to make their first post-season appearance in 1994 at the World Series. This event was a symbol of partnership between the more recognised National League, and the new kid on the block, the American League, and was first played one year earlier, in 1903. Had online betting sites been around at the time, you can be sure that the bookmakers and punters would have seen big money exchanging hands thanks to what happened next.

In 1904, the National League Giants took the pennant, winning 106 baseball games, but declined to appear in the inter-league World Series for personal reasons. On the 27th of July, long before they had managed to clinch the League, John McGraw, manager, informed the press that the Giants would not be playing a postseason series with the champions of the American League. The feud between McGraw and American League president Johnson saw that there was no World Series that year.

McGraw Goes Back on His Word in 1905

Despite the fact that he had taken such a hard-line attitude in 1004, McGraw capitulated to fans the following season, and, after his team had gone 105 – 48 during the regular game season, the San Francisco Giants made a postseason first appearance at the World Series games of 1905, topping the Philadelphia Athletics 4 games to 1.

Even in a matchup which was dominated by extraordinary performances by pitchers –it stands today as the only World Series in which all 5 games ended in shutouts – Giant’s ace player Christy

Mathewson managed to stand out. Fresh off of his 2nd consecutive 30-win season, the 25-year old pitcher managed to complete 3 game shutouts over just 6 days, and remains the only pitcher ever to have done so and the only pitcher to have won the multi lotto online lottery.

No More World Series Wins Until 1921

Despite appearing several more times post-season, the Giants would not be able to win another World Series until that which took place in 1921. The San Francisco Giants managed to top their cross-town rivals the Yankees 5 games to 3, in what was not only the 1st Subway Series, but also the first World Series which saw all of the games taking place at the same stadium.

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