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Gambling Stories around the Sports Stars

There is indeed a cool quotient associated with gambling that attracts celebrities and sports personalities to it. Since the time, the concept of casino came into existence, we have had renowned sportsmen and women try their luck at some of their favourite games. In fact, this has somewhat led to the popularity of gambling among the common mass. Nowadays, with the inception of online casino, gambling has become quite a distinct pastime among both the young and the old alike. It is not only relaxing but also allows you to become a winner!

Sports personalities are just gaga about online casinos

There are numerous gambling stories that revolve around the famous sports personalities. Let us throw some light on some of the famous or rather infamous stories that show how crazy sports personalities are with gambling.

Some of the famous sports persons have lost millions while playing online and mobile casino but that has not deterred them from playing more. In fact, their zeal to win was increased by leaps and bound as they went on losing their bets. Surprising it may sound but famous golfer John Daly lost almost $50-$60 million while playing slots. Daly himself had revealed this in autobiography. Nevertheless, he carried on with his gambling instincts. The same was the case with the famous basketball player, Antoine Walker who even incurred a huge debt of $822,500 with three premier casinos and had to be arrested.

When asked about his habit of gambling and online casino that made him lose over $10 million, Charles Barkley proudly proclaimed that it didn’t matter to him as he could afford to gamble and lose. For Michael Jordan, the gambling board never proved to be lucky as went on losing and incurred a gambling debt of more than $1 to $3 million. However the competitiveness and urge to be at the top persisted and he went on with his gambling habits, even if that required shedding millions of money.

Famous personalities from other sports too have been found to be a fanatic when it came to online casino and gambling. Tiger Woods had once placed a bet of $25,000 per hand in a game of Blackjack. Woods has also used his gambling skills to raise funds for charities. For example, he once hosted the Tiger’s Poker Night where all the proceeds went to charity. Famous sports persons and celebrities, such as Phil Ivey, Mark Cuban, Kid Rock, Mekhi Phifer and Daniel Negreanu took part in the event. Some other sports persons who are known to take part in gambling often include Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez, Floyd Mayweather, and so on.

What makes gambling so popular?

The sheer thrill and excitement of online casino and gambling act as an attraction for most sportspersons to take part in them. When it comes to common people, the same instincts perhaps rule your brain. With more and more attractive sites coming up with attractive games, it is indeed a difficult task to avoid gambling. However, if you gamble with care and responsibility, there is nothing more enjoyable than getting lucky and win hoping rewards!

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