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Great Sports Gaming Apps Available for your Mobile Device

Sports-themed games are as popular as ever.  Companies located in the United States as well as European developers in the UK, Germany, and in Sweden have developed a plethora of great apps for both fun and online betting available for your mobile…

Backbreaker 2: Vengeance

Backbreaker 2: Vengeance is a sequel to the innovative motion cap tackle alley sim from NaturalMotion; and it’s even better than its predecessor! Your goal in Backbreaker 2 is to spin, dodge and hurdle your way through tackles to reach the end zone. You are given bonus points for reaching the end zone in style and for steering your way through hotspots.

Yahoo Sports App

This is a very useful app that keeps you up to date with all the latest NFL news in real time. Meanwhile, player, team and game profile pages allow you to analyse stats in great detail and receive entries from popular experts on your newsfeed. If you’re into Fantasy Football, this app also lets you play from your phone.

Madden NFL 15

EA’s annual American football sim is now well-established on iPhone. With Madden NFL 15, you can take control of every element of a complex gridiron game, from running, to passing to kicking field goals and back to defence.

Graphically, the game looks very impressive. The user interface is slick, while the player animations are great and the stadiums are nice. The game also offers some impressive camera effects, with the quick cuts during touchdowns a particular favourite.

NFL Rivals

The much-lauded NFL Rivals offers an intense arcade football experience in the palm of your hand. Choose your NFL team and support them all the way through the season. Every time you play, your score uploads to your team’s global ranking. The game features all 32 teams.

NFL Rivals also lets you play anywhere on the field. So whether you want to charge down the field to make touchdowns for your team, or juke, truck, jump or spinning past your opponents, this game lets you do just that! You can also form part of the defence if chasing down running backs is more your style.

ESPN Football App

The ESPN Football app allows you to set alerts for your favourite teams so you’re always in on the action. Look through the results of recent games, or tune in live to the ESPN radio stream. Like the Yahoo app, you can also play Fantasy football if you feel like joining in. If you’re a fan sports in general, you can also check-up on the NBA, MLB, PGA, MMA, and just about any sport you can think of.


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