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Greatest moments in Red Sox History

There is never a bad time for baseball. During the weekend you can sit home and enjoy some time off by downloading and playing the Hello casino app, which is a hot spot right now, and other related online casino apps or you can be a fanatic and root the Red Sox. Looking at the standings currently the Red Sox are the scary dragon rising from behind the mountain and trampling everything in its path spreading fear among other teams. It sounds like a Game of Thrones scenario and in a strange way close to the truth. It would be needles to explain who are the Red Sox, however homage needs to paid in their honor. The team was founded in 1901, but prior to 1908 they were known as Boston Red Stockings. When John I. Taylor took the steering wheel the team rose to glory and got their currently official name. They haven’t stopped carving their name in history with marching expeditions towards new and brighter horizons.


Snippet of highlights throughout the seasons

As you all know many teams have ups and downs. Some seasons are better than others and some just bad enough to forget they ever excited. There are so many memorable moments in history which the Red Sox and their fans will treasure for generations to come.

The 1967 was a memorable year for the Red Sox. For nine years, since 1958, they were in a drought and didn’t surmount to great lengths. Surely it was not because of lack of enthusiasm and trying. All of that changed with the “Impossible Dream”. Surprising everyone, probably themselves too, they won the American League Championship and went on to the finals in the World Series where they butted heads with St. Louis Cardinals. After seven games the St. Louis Cardinals won by a hair wit 4-3 however Red Sox were the real heroes that year for reaching the inconceivable.

One of the greatest moments of baseball history was the 6th Game in 1975. Carlton Fisk hit the ball into the foul pole over the wall. It was a moment worth remembering because it was done for the first time ever. The moment he waved the lucky the ball in his hand was on every magazine and television screen.

Among them is the recent historic achievement. After they won the World Series in 2013, in 2007 and 2004 they cemented their iconic status. They became the first team to have three trophies in the 21th century.


Until today they are a force to be reckoned with. Their fearlessness made them victorious in eight World Series championships and participants in twelve. People anticipate their victory in 2016 as well. Fingers crossed and let`s hope they win the AL East because the odds are in their favor, so far.

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