How Russia prepares for the 2018 World Cup

How Russia prepares for the 2018 World Cup

How Russia prepares for the 2018 World Cup

In two and a half years, the best football teams will compete in Russia for the world cup. At present, the construction of stadiums and infrastructure in 11 cities is progressing. Since that December 2, 2010, when it was announced that Russia was the chosen venue for the 2018 World Cup, many things have changed both in the country and in FIFA itself. Things have happened that then seemed to be from the realm of fantasy. However, Russia continues to prepare thoroughly for the World Cup, for which there are just over some months left.

The victory of Russia and Qatar in December 2010 was the starting point for many problems at FIFA.

The accusations to the executive committee grew like a snowball and to this day the organization does not enjoy the trust of the whole world. Russia must prepare to host the championship while world football is going through a difficult situation. For the moment, the scandals have not hindered the preparations. But it must be recognized that many things will become clear during this year.

On a sporting level

In the last five years, Russia’s own football team has also changed to the unrecognizable. Russia was introduced with a new coach, Dick Advokaat. Andrei Arshavin was captain of the selection and Alexander Kerzhakov and Pável Pogrebniak, the scorers.

It does not make sense to list in detail everything that has happened with the first team in those five years. We will limit ourselves to saying that the good has been scarce. Hand in hand with Advokaat, the team entered the European Championship 2012 with options to fight for the highest positions, but sank into the weakest group of the tournament. Identical steps followed the successor of the Dutchman, the Italian Fabio Capello, who took the team to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and then plunged into the group of Belgians, Algerians and Koreans.

Unlike Advokaat, the Italian is also remembered in Russia for a resounding scandal over his contract. When the 2014 World Cup was held, Capello was one of the most paid technicians in the world. The Football Union of Russia, which at the time accepted the Italian’s conditions, finally could not find money to pay the celebrity’s fees, and the contract was terminated.

It’s all past, now is the time for Russia to step into 2018 World Cup! Russia needs to prepare for fighting against great nations as seen on


The three main challenges for the 2018 World Cup

Half of the cities will be equipped with new terminals at airports. In Rostov in the Don the first “air gates” will be built after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, which will be erected directly on a field. The modern Kurummoch terminal in Samara has been in operation for a year now, while Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi and Yekaterinburg do not need any reconstruction because everything works properly there.

However, as a result of the attacks in Paris and Belgium, the Russian authorities have considered increasing the security measures in the facilities of the World Cup. In particular, the Government has proposed to include explosion-proof structures in the list of temporary installations of the World Cup.

The inhabitants of Sochi and Vladivostok, a city that hosted the APEC summit three years ago, can affirm that major events are capable of changing the way of life of an entire city. Although to a lesser extent, that is what will happen in 2018: new stadiums and airports will be built, roads and stations will be repaired, territories will be conquered … There is very little time left and, a year from the World Cup, Russia will also host the Confederations Cup. There will not be time even to look back.