How to choose the best ping pong table

How to choose the best ping pong table

How to choose the best ping pong table

Ping-Pong is a trademark name for table tennis which began in 1880s. Since then, the culture of table tennis is widespread. Since 1988, it has been an Olympic sport as well. Regardless of its history, Ping-Pong is an indoor sport which has surely aroused hype amongst it lovers. If you have ever watched a professional game, you must know about the sharp reflexes you need to play the sport.

Ping-Pong table is part of the equipment you need to enjoy the exciting sport. Rather than visiting sport complexes to play table tennis, one can buy their own table to play and train at home. With so much availability in the market, it seems difficult to buy the right one. Sites like can assist you in such cases. Nevertheless, here are some tips that will guide you through the purchase:

  1. Foldability

You must consider this factor before choosing the right table tennis table. Whether you will leave the table set up permanently or will be frequently wrapping it up will determine your selection. If you will frequently wrap it up, then you want a table which can be easily set up. Go for a model that can easily be folded and handled by one person. Also choose table with rollers so they are easier to move. There are even brakes on the wheels so that the table doesn’t move while playing. Even if you are planning to set up the table permanently, go for table with rollers because you never know when you might to shift the table.

  1. Thickness

Table tennis tables with thick tops are worth the money. These tables generally offer a good bounce. You can even go for less thick tops but there will be little difference. If you are planning a professional career, then surely go for thick top because this is what you will get when you play at tournaments. Go for 25mm to experience what professionals do.

  1. Supports

Make sure the table you buy has strong legs and supports. Especially if your usage is rough, then this factor is extremely important to consider or your table will collapse. Many tables come with leg levelers on bottom of the legs. These are beneficial when the floor you are playing on is not leveled. The levelers can adjust the height of the table. So make sure that the table ensures maximum stability.

  1. Finishing

Finishing on the table will determine your playing experience. Make sure the finish on table is very smooth and even. There must be no patches on the surface. Having rough edges on the tops and sides can injure you while playing table tennis.

  1. Brand name

It is true that brand name counts a lot when buying Ping-Pong tables but it not an ultimate statement. Many players are happy with models of not so well-reputed brands. Sometimes the claims made by manufacturers are also false. So read the reviews online and go for the best one with the best price.