How to choose Volleyball Shoes

How to choose Volleyball Shoes

How to choose Volleyball Shoes

Welcome to the new era of Volleyball shoes. Let’s have a look on the best volleyball shoes reviews. It will help you to choose the right shoes for you. Actually, Volleyball is one of the popular and common games for both girls and boys. For playing this game you need the best shoes first because of the grip, movement, cushioning and comfort.

There are three recommended sports shoes for playing the volleyball i.e. Mizuno and Asics and Nike. These three are really the trustable brands in market. So how do you choose the best shoes for you? It’s simple! Knowing some key features and characteristics can help you to pick up the best shoes for you.

Here are the four main key features which you should keep in mind while buying the shoes.

  • Durability & Stability: You never know the exact position of your ball so the main feature of the volleyball shoes should be the flexibility, means you can easily move your leg to the all possible directions like right, left, up, down, forward and backward. You have to be ready always to hit the ball. This is the main cause you should not go for an ordinary shoe to play. An ordinary shoe may be good for forward motion but if you want to move side to side then it gone give you the ankle rolled pain. But it doesn’t mean the branded shoes can protect you 100% from any ankle injury. Playing with the branded shoes mean playing with all the strength as well as it will decrease the chances of having the ankle cramp during the play.
  • Cushioning: During the game your shoes really plays a great role. If you play every day or participate in a long day tournaments then you should wear a comfortable shoes which can protect you as well as help you to relax your feet. If not so, then your feet get tired soon and this will make you exhausted much earlier than the exact time. Tired and painful feet can’t play so actively. So make your investment fruitful not worthless.


  • Breathability: Using a running shoes mean having too many issues but branded or best volleyball shoes means it keeps your feet cool and dry while you are sweating too much for playing that game. Actually the branded shoes materials and its vents allow a smooth air flow into the shoes while you are playing the game. This type of shoes help you dry the moisture from your feet and keep them dry so that you can perform better and give your 100% in the game.


  • Lightweight: The volleyball shoes brand really does a great job by making lightweight and durable shoes. You never want to play wearing the heavy shoes which drag you down whenever you sprint or jump. Shoes should be like a feather which responds to your each and every movement quickly. This is the main cause why a volleyball shoes need to be lightweight.


You can follow the above mentioned tips to pick up the best volleyball shoes for you. But there is some more information I should tell you. The above mentioned tips will vary man to man, like if you think the cushioning and stability is more important to you then you should go with the ASICS brands because they focus more on the cushioning and stability. But if you want the breathable and lightweight shoes then you should go with Mizuno.

Apart from that, there are many questions left regarding choosing the best shoes for your game. Such as:

Which thing makes a volleyball shoe a so called volleyball shoe?

This is the all matter of gum rubber sole which provides the superior traction. As I told you keeping the players position in mind Volleyball shoes are designed so that players and respond so quickly. Also in this shoe there is some extra padding in the forefront so that it can easily help you for constant jumping and landing.

How much weight a volleyball shoes contain?

As you know volleyball shoes should be lightweight but how much it should contain? Volleyball is popular in both the girls and boys. So the women’s shoes weight contains between 9.2 to 11.0 ounce and for men it contains 11.2 to 15.0 ounces. But the weight of the shoes really depends on the model, size, style and manufacturer.

Why some of the Volleyball shoes are more expensive than others?

This cost varies due to the technology and production. The expensive shoes follow the advanced technology to design that volleyball shoes for the players. Those expensive shoes are really well researched and practically proven that they are the best and highly recommended for the fast and tough players. The price levels are different just because of the features these expensive shoes contain.

I have discussed so many points so that you can choose the best shoes for you. Never compromise with your comfort zone because you can only concentrate well on your play when you are comfortable enough. Branded shoes or expensive shoes are designed in scientific way so that you can play and give your best to win the match. Players are always fit so wearing an ordinary shoe, don’t harm yourself. Wearing an expensive pair shoe means a extra comfort. Invest only for getting profit not loose.

So enjoy your game and choose the best Volleyball shoes!!! Read reviews from reviewertouch