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How to date professional sports players

Women always look effective, no matter where they are: in a gym, in a dance studio or on a football field. Every hour of professional sportswomen’s life is filled in advance. They look perfect even with a huge sports bag in their hands. They set high standards for themselves and never give up their goals. Here are three types of girls who aren’t afraid of a “close contact. Whatever you choose, be ready to work up a sweat.

Professional fighter

Youll fall on your knees before her. But if she can knock you out in a couple of seconds, it doesn’t mean she’s not a real woman. Such a girl doesn’t like compliments on her left hook. Try telling her how smart and talented she is for a change. But keep in mind: to withstand a few rounds in the relationship with a professional fighter, you should learn to be thick-skinned and calm. The thing is that most of her sparring partners are men, so you need to develop trust to her.

And one more thing: if you manage to pick up such a tough girlfriend, you should be ready to take a punch any moment (athletes love such jokes).


Triathlonists spend most of their free time training, so it may be tricky to free up a few hours in her schedule for a date. Women who prefer this kind of sport are probably the only ones who consider a date via Skype romantic. But it’s better to stay next to her in the gym and try to keep up with her.

If she sees you working your guts out on a treadmill, asking her out on a date will be much easier. Do it when shes resting and sipping smoothies in the fitness bar. Compliment on her T-shirt or ask what music she listens to.


Shes used to meaningless chatter in a changing room. This means that she most likely treats people the way they treat her. But shes an athlete, and shes not like the girls you can meet in a café, so she doesn’t like banal pickup lines. If you’re really interested in her, ask her more about how her training goes, and shell readily answer any question.

Just don’t start giving her fitness advice. If you want to flatter her, compliment on how she handles the football. It’s like saying You have beautiful eyes, but not as openly. A sportswoman will definitely appreciate it. Don’t talk too much; you can just nod with a smile when you see her jogging for a few miles non-stop.

To ask her out on a date, wait until she’s done training with her team on the field. Sports increase the development of hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for emotional attachment.

Why you should date a sportswoman

She’s natural

No plastic surgeries, sexy makeup, and other attributes of the modern beauty ideal. A sportswoman can come on a date without makeup, and the natural blush on her face only adds some charm. She has nothing to hide; she is honest with herself and you.

She knows how to relax

A girl, who knows her limits, can handle a beach party. Besides, she knows that she needs some rest from constant exercises.

She keeps the house clean

Her sports pants, tops and a few pairs of snickers aren’t lying around her apartment. They’re neatly stacked in a drawer.

She knows how to throw a party

In winter, shell teach you to snowboard, and in the summer, youll go conquering the waves on a surfboard.

She says what she thinks

She’s not going to pull your legs or use you some other way. If you don’t fit each other, shell tell you about it on the first or second date. She doesn’t want to spend either your or her time.

If shes mad, look for her in the gym

She blows off steam there. But you won’t have to go through protracted depression, introspection, and unexpected scandals.

If you think that dating a sportswoman isn’t exotic enough, just find a Ukrainian woman who plays football for example. Such girlfriend is truly a rare sight.

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