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How to Read the NHL Betting Odds

Of the four major sports in North America, hockey is a distant fourth. And with so many of those in their 20’s and 30’s having played soccer in the United States in their youth, this is slowing catching up with worldwide appeal and is passing the NHL at different points of betting cycles.

Despite this, the NHL like the sport itself has a loyal and devoted following and sportsbooks across the world are familiar with who these bettors are. This is why most wagering outlets have limitations on how large a hockey bet they will take, because they daily spend so much time on football and basketball, the numbers are not as sharp as the other sports which could lead to unwanted exposure.

Let’s go over the basics of figuring out NHL betting odds and how to use them.

Money Line Wagering

Like baseball and many boxing or MMA events, the money line is the most popular method of generating NHL picks. Here you just have to pick the winner in order to win. Maybe, the word “just” is too casually used, because the best teams in the sport win 60 to 65 percent of the time, which definitely makes the better term – lock – appear foolish.

In a typical contest of two evenly matched teams, this is how your standard money line would read, with visitor listed first.

St. Louis (+110) at Minnesota (-130)

What this means if are you thinking of betting the away team, St. Louis in this case, a $100 bet would give you $210 winner, with a profit of +110.00. If your preference was Minnesota, you would have to wager $130 in order to win $100.00. A common question is why are the numbers not exactly the same for instance at +110 and -110, it because the sportsbooks already know the favorite will attract more wagering action on a day by day basis and you have to pay extra to back them.

Puck Line Wagering

This falls into the more traditional methods of sports betting, where you have a point spread attached. In this situation, this is how a spread betting might look.

St. Louis +1.5 (-280)

Minnesota -1.5 (+240)

How this works is you have two ways to win with St. Louis, either they  win the game outright or if they were to lose say 3-2, you also are victorious because you are receiving plus (+) 1.5 goals as a point spread. However, you would have to fork out $280 to win +100.

Looking at the other side, Minnesota has to win this contest by two or more goals and if they would, your $100 wager would payout an outstanding $240.00.

For wagering purposes, having two chances to win is advantageous, but you want to feel comfortable at the very least your selection has a good chance to win the game. Giving -1.5 goals is a lot for a sport known for one goal outcomes, thus, you want to be certain you have a real mismatch if giving -1.5 goals on the Puck Line.

How To Learn About the Teams to Bet Hockey

Besides putting the time to learn the teams, if you are a ‘gamer’, getting the last version of EA Sports NHL 17 is a big help. Here you can quickly put in the time to learn about 10-15 teams and get very familiar with them and how they play and once you do, the NHL odds will start to make a lot more sense.

To bet on hockey, you do not have to know every team, but having a great working knowledge of 10-15 teams can make you a Winner!

Handy Tips For Betting NHL Hockey and More

With a new expansion team coming to Las Vegas for the start of 2017-18 season, it is never too early to get a head start to familiarize yourself to one of the best team sports when it comes to action.

If you have never seen a NHL game in person, you will be blown away by the skill and speed of these players and if you would sit in the lower section at the T-Mobile Arena behind the goal, you will be amazed a goaltender can see the puck, let alone stop it.

With further advancements in technology, all Nevada residents can now download apps and can make NHL betting picks on their phone. The same is true for out-of-state residents when they are in Nevada and never go to a sportsbook if you choose not to.

Betting Hockey is Similar to Baseball

There are two main ways most people bet hockey, on the money line or totals. Money lines mean you just have to pick the winner. Here is what a typical bet would look like of evenly matched teams.

A home team would been a -130 favorite. In simple terms, you would have to wager $13.00 to win $10.00. If the preference was for the underdog, you bet $10.00 to win $11.00. We will not bore you with the dynamics of the “house take”.

You can also wager on the total, which usually are listed at 5 of 5.5 and you simply bet Over or Under the listed number.

There is also something called the – Puck Line – which is how all hockey used to be bet and is still extremely popular in Canada. This is essentially adding a point spread of -1.5 to the favorite or +1.5 to the underdog, with odds attached based on the strength or weakness of teams.

When making NHL betting picks, one important tip. If you would like to bet bigger favorites, make certain to bet – regulation only – because the new overtime rules of 3-on-3 (players) hockey, balances out the teams and negates the favorites edge.

Quick Look at Pacific Division Teams

Las Vegas has been appointed to the Pacific Division, so here is an overview for this season on each team.

Los Angeles and Anaheim – Two very similar squads that are strong down the middle of the ice and whose best players are or shortly will be in their 30’s. Both have the talent to win a lot games in the regular season, but have shown weaknesses in the Stanley Cup playoffs of late.

San Jose – After years of playoff failure, San Jose was in the Finals last season before losing to Pittsburgh. The Sharks have an excellent mixture of youth and experience and are the favorite to win the division.

Calgary – Middle of the road team who finally has improved goal-tending, yet figures to be .500 team.

Edmonton, Arizona and Vancouver – All three teams have committed to rebuilding through the draft, which actually helps Las Vegas compete faster. Vancouver is the more accomplished team, Edmonton has the most young players with star potential and Arizona is in between the two teams talent-wise.

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