How to select the best telescopic fishing rod

How to select the best telescopic fishing rod

How to select the best telescopic fishing rod

Fishing is an art. Not everyone has the temperament and skill required to master it. But with determination and interest, you can excel the sport. However, there is certain equipment required to get the most out of your fishing experience. Telescopic fishing rod is one of them.

There are myriads of options to choose from when it comes to buying the best fishing rod. This makes it a daunting task to get your hands on the best one. Right telescopic fishing rod can make or break your fishing experience. So here are some tips to choose the best telescopic fishing rod:

Type of rod

When it comes to choosing the right telescopic fishing rod, there are number of options to choose from, like spinning rods, fly rods and surf rods. Spinning rods are specifically for sport and recreational fishing. You can choose a rod made out of fiberglass or graphite which makes the rod more comfortable. Surf rods are popular at the sea. This is the ideal one if you are surf fisher. Telescopic rods will offer high portability and storage while fishing. On the other hand, fly rods can be used to cast artificial baits easily. However these rods are not a common option to choose. Make sure the specifications are met.


Telescopic rods come in different materials. If you want an ideal portable telescopic fishing rod, then go for tough glass material. This means you can easily carry your rod whether driving or walking to your fishing destination. You do not need to worry about carrying many components. Some models even use fiberglass with graphite and stainless steel to ensure flexibility and balance. There are other carbon fiber models which are relatively strong in nature. These are highly durable and hard. If added carbon fiber to it, the rod becomes unbreakable. Rod material is an essentially important factor to consider before buying one. This will enhance your fishing experience.


This is another important factor to take into consideration. Power of the fishing rod will indicate the fish size it can handle. You can either go for lighter ones or heavier ones. There are further categories under each size as well. If you are planning to catch small fish then go for less power, and vice versa. Consider this factor always before buying a telescopic fishing rod.


Telescopic fishing poles have different lengths. This is indicated in feet and inches. The length you choose depends on your personal preferences. It will influence your style of fishing.


Rapidness here means by the responsiveness by which the fishing rod goes back to its original position from the position it is casted. The rapidness is indicated by several speeds like slow, moderate and fast.


These were some tips which will guide you to choose the best telescopic fishing rod. There are multitudes of fishing rods in the market which can decide the number of fish you catch. Ensure you make your decisions wisely. If you’re still not sure as to how you should select the right rod, please check this telescopic rod buying guide. It should help you get a more in-depth depiction of the various scenarios to keep in mind when purchasing a collapsible rod.