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How you can follow St. Louis Blues updates?

St. Louis Blues are considered to be one of the best teams in America for ice hockey. This old team has gone through many success stories, and they have their crazy fans all over the world that are always keen to know about the latest updates of the team. They know that at you will be able to find out various updates of this team.

Success in big tournaments:

St. Louis Blues have performed in many of the big tournaments of the ice hockey. They have performed in National Hockey League many a time and have won the title on many occasions. They have won the championship many times. This team has gone through the ups and downs many times. However, they have lifted their performance and over the years they are famous for providing their consistent performance and thus they have made their fans happy and satisfied.

Some other information:

  • They have changed their jersey many times, but all the time jersey looks have been kept very simple. They have a navy blue jersey and white jersey for the various tournaments.

  • The mascot of this team is known as Louie. It is actually a look-alike of the polar bear. There is another unofficial mascot of this team. Its name is Piggy.

  • Mainly the matches of this team are aired on KMOX radio and KPLR-TV. At the moment Kelly Chase is handling the matters of radio broadcast whereas John Kelly is handling the television coverage of their matches.

  • This team is considered as one of the most popular teams in NHL because they have appeared in the competition for highest amount times.

Fan following over the world:

Because of their great performances throughout many years this team has gained a huge amount of fan following all over the world. They have gone through ups and downs as a team as they have faced both success and failures.

However, one thing is quite clear that they are one of the most popular teams because of the greatest players play for the team. A lot of players have come on their team, and they have given some of the greatest performances and the fan following of this team has gone worldwide.

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