Is Racing Remote Controlled Cars a Real Sport?

Is Racing Remote Controlled Cars a Real Sport?

Is Racing Remote Controlled Cars a Real Sport?

Many consider that racing remote controlled cars is more of a hobby than a real sport. And, as you can imagine, the RC community is not happy about this view. Players feel this classification diminishes the level of excitement you can get from the activity and allows for misinterpretations of their passion.

After all, RC racing is usually an organized event and there are championships and tournaments organized all over the world. So why wouldn’t this be a sport?

Well, according to the Wikipedia definition of the term, RC racing is a sport. It is a competitive activity that involves physical skills. The closest thing in the sports world would be car racing, with the difference that the pilot is in a remote location during the race. Of course, the level of adrenaline the driver gets is also different, but both activities get you excited.

The main argument against the idea of RC racing being a sport is the fact that it doesn’t involve too much movement (it’s not physically demanding). Even more, there is no risk to the driver since everything is controlled from a distance.

Still, not every sport implies NFL-style physical skills. Even more, when you drive an RC car, you develop a series of skills such as a hand-to-eye coordination, learning to appreciate your opponents’ next move, and even fitness. The fitness component is mostly decided by the track and the range of your car’s

communication system, but in most races you have to follow your vehicle around to make sure everything is in order.

Another argument that makes people lean towards RC competitions being a hobby is the cost of the cars. According to players all over the world, you need to consider a large investment if you plan on using your RC vehicle for car racing. As a truly passionate player, I know advanced models can be expensive, but the same can be said about real racing cars.

I wanted to get some accurate data regarding the types of RC cars people prefer today and for this, I talked to John from RCrank. He is an RC expert and an active player in various professional competitions. According to him, the most popular cars are trucks, racing models, and dragsters.

When you check the prices, you notice that none of these designs are cheap since most go over the $100 threshold. Still, both players and regular people like to buy them for their features and innovative technology. Just like real racing or off-road cars, RC models come equipped with 4WD, powerful suspension, and even oil-filled shock absorbers. Advanced models even feature high-quality racing tires and some designs are capable of going through extremely difficult terrains.

In my opinion, RC racing is competitive, fascinating, and exciting enough to be considered a real sportive activity. Of course, it can also be considered a hobby for those of you who don’t want to participate in organized events. In both cases, you’re in for a lot of fun and some pretty cool-looking cars (you can see some bad ass truck designs on this website).

Of course, if you plan on engaging in professional RC competitions, you will have to dig deeper in your pockets. But again, this is the case with most sports.