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It’s been a rough few days for Duke basketball

Boston College fans storm the court after upset over Duke—in the dark

Boston College shot lights-out in their 89-84 upset win over the top-ranked Blue Devils on Saturday, so much so that the lights went out after the game.

That didn’t stop students from storming the court after the big win, though.

It’s safe to say no one saw that coming.  The only thing more exciting that that upset is hitting a jackpot on the Royal Vegas online slots.

Grayson Allen received this black eye from an unlikely source

Duke star Grayson Allen is a sports villain, so when bad things happen to him, the Internet usually piles on.

That’s what happened in Saturday’s loss to Boston College, when teammate Javin DeLaurier accidentally kicked him in the face attempting to block a shot.

This was the result.


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