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Justice is Coming

24 Nov 18

I’m still disgusted by last week’s game.  Honestly, I don’t see how this team can either make the playoffs or do something if they do.  (…)

17 Nov 18

In less than 7 days, the Chargers…beat the Radiers, lost Perryman for the year, saw Bosa practice, had another December game flexed into (…)


That was clearly the best game this team has played all year.  I’m not going to belittle it.  Any time you beat the Raiders, especially (…)


“Season over.” That was the text I sent my wife when the Chargers were down 14-0.  It wasn’t the score but the lack of effort that (…)


OK, so the Rams offense is clicking is well as could be imagined. Maybe even better than that. The Chiefs look to be the real deal. Does (…)


I  know I suggested an awful lot last week that we would lose that game in Buffalo.  Maybe I overreacted a little to the opening week (…)

13 Sep 18

I’m off Rochester for Sunday’s game.  Last week was pitiful.  Even without Bosa, the drops, the inability to cover Hill, the fumbled (…)

24 Aug 18

Even I can feel it and God knows I don’t get excited for the fall the way I once did.  That’s what being a Charger fan (even or especially (…)

20 Jul 18

Sometimes worlds collide.  Sometimes a discovery is made you never thought would happen.  In the Grateful Dead world, famous recordings (…)

10 Jun 18

Sorry I haven’t been back for a bit.  The last time we talked was right before The Organization made the decision to move on from (…)

09 Apr 18

The good folks at Bloguin have shifted platforms, so I am just trying to see if this is working. The Bolts signed Mike Pouncey since we last (…)

02 Dec 17

Of hype, that is. I admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the Chargers’ performance in Dallas. It was also nice that KC lost to the (…)